For many people, sex is a pleasure. For others, it can sometimes become an issue, due to the lack of time, or because of medical problems, while in many cases the physical attraction is gone. But there are five countries in the world where people declare themselves sexually satisfied at the highest levels.
After analyzing many market surveys and looking for statistics some specialists from AlterNet have made a top of the best countries when it comes to sex. And we are not talking just about the act itself, but also about the pleasure of intimate contact.
In the 1st place is Switzerland. The people we consider to be politically neutral do well in bed. Sexual education starts from kindergarten, and later, the Swiss declare themselves as perfectly satisfied in terms of sex. As a bonus, in Switzerland, 32% of those with an active sex life has admitted to having sex in public places. It’s time for a city break there, isn’t it?
Spain ranks second. Iberians feel so well in their skin that intimate moments turn into true sexual performances. In the end, whether we talk about women or men, everyone is ecstatic regarding their sexual experiences. A survey of nearly 10,000 people in Spain showed that 90% of women’s relationships are excellent.
On 3rd we find Italy. Beautiful weather, beautiful women, charming men, great wine, delicious food and … sex to unimaginable odds. Ladies who consume at least two glasses of wine per day note that their sexual relationships are like in love movies. As a bonus, the Italians maintain an excellent link between food and sex, and this seems to be the secret of harmony in the bedroom.
On the 4th place, we have Brazil. Beach, warm weather all the time, beautiful girls and men ready to conquer you immediately. 82% of Brazilians have sex at least once a week.
Greece is on 5th position. The Greek have actual sex and love Gods and have been talking about love for centuries. What stimulates them so much? The Greeks talk about sex 24/7. Whether they are at work, in the park, at a meeting, at the gym, they do not care to discuss the adventures in the bedroom. That’s how their sexual appetite increases and intimate moments are unforgettable.