MILF (Mom I’d Like to Fuck) was the third most popular search term on Pornhub last year. It was also the third most-viewed category, and it boasts more than 40,000 videos. But why? That makes sense when you look at the content of men’s sexual fantasies.
Justin Lehmiller, Ph.D. a Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute, author of the blog Sex and Psychology, studied for his latest book, Tell Me What You Want: The Science of Sexual Desire and How It Can Help You Improve Your Sex Life the habits of more than 4 000 American Adults. At the end of the survey, he found out that 88 percent of heterosexual men had fantasized about MILFs. Research suggests that, more often than not, these women are portrayed quite differently than younger women are.
In a study published in the Journal of Sex Research, researchers analyzed the content of 50 MILF videos and 50 teen videos taken from some of the most popular porn sites.
The main thing they found was that MILFs were placed in more dominant roles, sexually and otherwise. MILF porn, compared to teens, shows that MILFs were two-and-a-half times more likely to initiate sex. MILFs were also much more likely to take control during the encounter. In fact, they were nine times more likely than teens to set the pace and direction of sex. More than four out of five MILFs were shown having high-status jobs, while men were usually depicted as students or lower-level employees.
This might suggest that the men may be turned on by the idea of playing a submissive role to a powerful and dominant woman. According to Justin Lehmiller’s study, men and women alike seem to associate MILFs with certain aspects of BDSM. In addition to that, men’s MILF fantasies were linked more broadly to fantasies about being desired and wanted.