Virtual reality is definitely the new buzz, it is everywhere in the mainstream entertainment, but of course it quickly made its way to adult and it is coming to cams as well. Well actually it is almost here, but for sure, the technology needs to be refined so it can become more accessible and comfortable for both sides. But instead of talking about the technical background and prognoses how this tech will boom in the domain, let’s think a bit how this will or should change the online performance.
I will be honest, I am sceptic whether VR will be the next big thing in live camming or not, for many reasons. Right now it is clunky, it is limited due to wires, battery life. It would use awful lot of technical resources on both ends, and as many of you know, members are often not famous for having those great PCs or Internet connection for that matter.
But for sure there will be a group of users, who will use and love it. But what I find more interesting in this whole thing, is that models who will utilize it, will likely have to re-learn camming.
Camming, these new toys are all about interactivity and “real” experience. But simply a headset and a 360 camera will not do the trick, the whole thing will mainly depend on the host.
The most important thing models will need to learn is how to create a POV (point of view) experience. The camera will not be a fix viewpoint anymore and the model will not be the one controlling zoom, pan/tilt. The member will have outmost freedom when it comes to the perspective, he can look around as he wants. So models should forget staying in the bed, laying back and playing with themselves.
On the contrary, they have to provide dynamic performance, considering the camera as it would be the member in her room. Going close to it, whispering to its microphone, push their breasts against it, going doggy for it, sitting on it, and so on. Possibilities are endless, but these details will be extremely important when it comes to separate great models from mediocre ones.
It will require certain acting skills to do it right, to do it more personal, as in the end, this is the whole purpose of the thing. If a model gives a show that she is used to, basically the VR provides nothing extra, besides the member can examine the ceiling or the cables of the model’s computer. Which again is another thing to pay attention to. The rooms will have to be made as lifelike as possible, hiding as many details as possible which would express that this is the workplace of the model.
Definitely this technology will bring amazing opportunities, and will make nice profit for some models. But do keep in mind that this will require a whole new perspective and mindset from models, studios and trainers if they want to do this right. How it will work out? Only time will tell, but I am absolutely sure that there will be a lot more surprises than I just wrote down, when people will finally start to use these headsets and cameras.