• What is the trend for our industry you would bet all your money for the year to come (2019), based on your job position?

In fact, I will bet all my money on the application of the project that I have been developing since 2016, named “New Camming Perspective”: a new understanding and a new business model about the adult entertainment scene based on the Social Aspect of Camming (instead of reducing it to the sexual aspect).

Generally, this new approach explains that the most competitive aspect in our Industry is the emotional connection that a model can build with her members. This assumption is made considering that a body (an object; something) can be replaced by any other one in order to satisfy only sexual needs, while a person (someone) has her own personality, which is special and unique.

In business terms, (almost) all kinds of porn can be found for free, so people do not need to pay to satisfy only sexual needs. On the other hand, we live in a world where people feel more isolated, thus, live cam sites offer an appropriated place for the satisfaction of both emotional and sexual needs such as Building Connections between people (models and members).

Therefore, the intention of this project is to contribute to the expansion of the traditional method of interpreting both the Live Cams Industry and live model training on premium cam sites in order to make this job healthier and more profitable for models, members and the Industry at large.

  • According to your experience, how would you describe a trend in this industry in particular? What trends are you following currently?

Well, as a Social Scientist, I believe that when we want to understand our Industry, we need to first understand our society. My main premise is that models and members are people, part of our society, and when our society changes, both behaviors (on videochat) change together. So, it’s essential to understand our societal needs and trends because this way, we can make a safe prediction of the next trend, without (or with less) financial and human risks.

The current landscape of camming is very different than it was 10 years ago because our society is different than it was in the last decade. Most recent studies about the cyberculture shows that technology defines our society in a way where interactivity has become a basic requirement. When it’s applied to our Industry, I can think about social media as an amazing tool for a model to brand herself, generate her own traffic and start building her own fan base.

From 2010 to 2014, I have been studying social bond dynamics in cyberspace, and found out 4 fixed values related to any kind of social media that can be explored to build credibility in the camming industry as well. Let’s talk a bit about it:

  • Visibility: it’s a value related to who are you when you are online. In the case of the camming business: a girl next door? A femme fatale? A fetish girl? A model must decide first and, in the sequence, take pictures and write texts related to the character she wishes to portray online. Personally, I would suggest models choose to be someone online that they can relate to offline, like a kind of “alter ego”, instead of choosing a persona they think will make more money. In fact, all kind of models can make good money when they are (really) feeling entertained with the job, not faking it.
  • Popularity: it’s a value related to the quantity and not the quality of followers people have, whether or not, they interact.
  • Reputation: this value is related to what people are speaking about the person in question. It doesn’t matter what they say, whether it’s positive or negative, the main idea is to have people talking about them on social media.
  • Authority: Now last but not least, is the value related to one’s power of influence online. It means that this person becomes a trend. For example, if I say that camming is an exercise of Building Connections between models and members and people repeat this, it means that I have “authority” online (even if my name is not being mentioned in a quote), because the concept is being spread around.
  • As most of the trends are technology related, how will new technology affect the industry?

I’ve been studying formally the main changes of our society (mass media and cyberculture) since 2006. Recently, I have also started to study the Porn Industry in order to make the appropriate comparison with our Live Cam Industry. Very briefly, I can say that apparently Live Cams have only two paths: keep competing with (free) porn or standing out for their unique aspect (the connection/ interactivity).

From what I have gleaned at the summit seminars I have attended, I believe Freemiums platforms will more and more resemble porn. This is something I wouldn’t want to see, because some formal studies show that 88% of porn content sold is related to violence against women. That would mean its tools/features will become increasingly aggressive. In practical terms, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if this “innocent” toy vibe suddenly evolves into a “penetrating fucking machine” that needs to stay plugged into model bodies all the time they are online, just waiting to be tipped, and thus, make some money to make a living.

As far as Premium platforms are concerned ― if these sites are really interested in distinguishing themselves from Freemium ones―, the solution is to invest in the human connection. This way, studios should prioritize looking for models with good English language skills and strong personalities, the industry is also reviewing 3-D cams to promote more (decent) interaction, camming marketing related to emotional bonds (rather than focusing only piece of models’ body).

So, in other words,
this is the era of interactivity, there is no doubt about it. However, some points are worth reflecting about: What are we really stimulating? Real connection between people who really would like to interact with each other? Or is the technology being used – until this moment – to dehumanize people who need to do this work? After all, is a vibe toy an interactive product, or is it a product that only controls the body of those who need to keep it on all day long in order to secure a better position on the Host List, and thus, survive financially?

  • We all like rainbows and butterflies, but let’s get down to Earth for a bit and talk about the bad trends: can you give any examples of harmful trends people from live cam industry are following and they are pushing it back? How do we stop them or react to make a change?

I am truly devoting my life to try to minimize human damages related to unhealthy business practices for the models, and, at the same time, to bring some profitable alternatives to the Industry. The “NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE” is the result of this effort, based on the main concepts: (1) Building Connections and (2) the Social Aspect of Camming.

The main idea here is that when companies invest in their employee’s quality of life, they produce more and the company makes more money. When we are talking about a model, and offer to give her a higher quality of life, she becomes loyal to the platform. This loyalty means more business for the camming industry because it comes together with her fan base. Besides, she also works more and in a better mood. This type of model that has a better quality of life works in a better mood and tends to attract a different type of member: more polite, and more open to know her as a person, which will result in a higher rating, where they come back to her room often and stay longer, spending more money with her.

This new approach contrasts with what I named “Old Camming Perspective”.

The EXECs of the “Old Camming Perspective” usually don’t care about (1) their models’ quality of life, (2) treat them as products and objects, (3) demand them to tease like crazy in Free Live Chat, (4) ask them to see each and every guest as a potential client independently of how they are being treated in return, (5) and stimulate the competition among them through lists. Thus, these models become aggressive with each other (bullying becomes a normal practice among them), bothering cam sites representatives with completely useless reports related to other models, and, in the end spend less hours online because they usually suffer from anxiety, insomnia, depression and various types of compulsion.

The result of this scenario is less money for their companies because only the few really competitive girls can stand this kind of activity to ensure their good positions in lists or to win prizes/awards, and all the rest give up. From the members’ point of view, when a model is trained to behave like an object; they are rude, disrespectful, and spend less time in the videochat room, which means less revenue. So, it does not seem so profitable for any side of the Industry to keep encouraging such practices anymore. So, the New Camming Perspective comes up as a game-changer for both sides: EXECS and models.

I hope this interview has been enlightening! I am available by email (newcammingperspective@gmail.com), Twitter (@PriscilaNCP), and/or any direct way you wish to contact me.