When it comes to sex many things might seem bizarre, but just because we look at them now – when they first came up they were rather normal. Here are some of the most interesting among them.
The vibrator has never been considered a sex toy when invented – it was used as a medicine. Back when it was created, in the 19th century vibrators were pretty big and were used to treat women suffering from hysteria. Suddenly, many women started having this disease, just because they wanted to go to the doctor – the only place where the vibrator was legal in those times. 😉
You might have always thought that semen is good for a women’s health was a joke, right? Well, it seems that it contains zinc and calcium. Both minerals have a well-known role in preventing dental caries.
Another one about vibrators. The rabbit vibrator (the one which Charlotte used in Sex and the City series) has gained this form in Japan, the country in which it was created. The reason is that in Japan sex toys that had a penis form were forbidden.
After World War Two there was a campaign encouraging American soldiers to use condoms when they had sex. The reason is that enormously many men came from the war with venereal diseases and the US State spent millions of dollars on their treatment.
In Hong Kong, men who cheat on their wives, not only are forced to pay retirement pensions to them, but the cheated women have the right to kill them. The condition is to do it with bare hands.