There is no day without a scandal with Facebook in the foreground. After the possible fine of billions to be received from the American Government, Facebook faces other problems, this time with British Parliament.
The social network giant is involved in a new scandal after some British lawmakers accused the social network of deliberately and knowingly violating the privacy laws of users. A report by the House of Commons on Computer Science, Culture, Media and Sport shows that social media platforms should take legal responsibility for the distributed information.
After analyzing several internal emails sent between Facebook employees, the commission that drafted the report accused the platform of changing the user privacy settings to transfer data to companies that develop various applications. “Social media companies can’t hide behind saying they are just a ‘platform’ and that they have no responsibility for regulating the content of their sites,” the report says.
The report also shows that Facebook doesn’t have a transparent management structure and seems to be hiding “information about the decisions and responsibility for those  decisions”
“Citizens’ rights must be enshrined in law and compelling digital societies to adhere to a Code of Conduct adopted as law by Parliament and supervised by an independent regulator,” said Damian Collins, a conservative politician from Great Britain.
Last week Facebook was involved in another huge scandal which hasn’t come to an end yet. The Washington Post revealed that the US government is negotiating with Facebook a multi-billion dollar fine related to the protection and insufficient confidentiality of user data. Sources quoted by the publication said that Facebook and the Federal Trade Commission have not yet agreed on the amount of the fine.