For years adult content providers have tried to bring out to light a large pool of fetishes in order to make some people more acquainted with them and to encourage others to express themselves freely.  In spite of their efforts of putting some fetishes on the spotlights, they sort of neglected other ones which seemed probably more natural such as stigmatophilia.This specific one refers to individuals who feel sexually attracted by people that have distinctive marks on their bodies, such as tattoos or body piercings.  
Since some of the people from your audience might be into this fetish, if you already have tattoos or piercings, you should strongly consider to emphasize and use them for your advantages!  As an ink passionate you have all the leverages to attract other enthusiasts as well, and you will find yourself in a very promising position of dealing with these people. For instance, you can have plenty of interesting conversation about the story or the reasons behind of your tattoos. While, others may find piercings as an arousing factor and a common trait as well, paving again the way to new interesting topics or fantasies.   
Moreover, nowadays body art passion can bring you other non-financial but important benefits too. For example, the scientists from MIT Labs developed a tattoo which can serve as some sort of biosensor. This ink aims to respond to the interstitial fluid by changing its color. Despite its perturbing name, Dermal Abyss is aesthetic and might be an important game-changing tech for people that have different diseases that necessitate constant monitoring, such as diabetes.
This ink changes from pink to purple due to its property to measure the alkalinity of that liquid, ranging from pink-meaningless value- to purple, that means a high level of alkaline. The glucose is measured by colors that turn from blue to brown as the concentration increases. Whereas, another indicator is for the salt level. The sodium sensor fluoresces under the UV lamp and turns into a more intense green color when the level increases.
These scientists struggle to take the health monitoring to another level through this technology. This way they can spare the diabetics from stinging massively on a regular daily basis to measure their glucose level.
The researchers argue that these tattoos give customers a clearer view of the body components or reactions, by reflecting the metabolic process in real time. The guys from Media Lab conduct this research with a view to turning the largest body organ (skin) into a super smart interface.
Since getting permanent tattoos may sound rather awkward or undesired for many people, those MIT guys worked on another project called DuoSkin.  Basically, the latter one is essentially a tattoo made of gold which can help the wifi interaction with connected devices. Duoskin is a temporary tattoo aimed to create an alternative that doesn’t require a sacrifice of your personal aspect, but which is able to predict your health condition in real time!
Regardless of your reasons or choices, making use of a little bit of ink may lead to countless positive advantages, which can be quantified both in short and long run! Whereas, as a conclusion, there is no better way of earning money or keeping track of your health condition than using your own hobbies as leverages.