Priscila Magossi develops a new concept related to her theory about the Live Camming Industry: “The Social Aspect of Camming”. In this article Magossi explains the urgency of considering the human interactions between models and members (building connections) on cam sites platforms.

Lately, I’ve been an active participant in a number of discussions pertaining to this matter. My work has been centered around Cyberculture studies, which have shown that post-modern society has come to a point where online interactions between two people arouse the same feelings and emotions as face-to-face meetings. It means that the “Social Aspect of Camming” can be a game-changer in this business, that could simultaneously be more productive and efficient for models, members and industry at large, instead of keep focusing on the sexual aspect only.

At this moment of the discussion, it’s important to reiterate that when live cam sites began to appear, there was very little distinction between porn websites and the Live Cam industry. Back then, access to porn wasn’t as freely available as it is nowadays and members were mostly looking for sex. In the beginning, it was likely that many porn customers could have been live cam chat customers too. These days, you can find all kinds of free porn, which means that trying to compete with free porn by asking a live model to try to imitate a porn video is a losing battle. Asking the model to tease non-stop in Free Live Chat simply can’t compete with porn videos because of internal factors like mood, hunger, thirst and even sometimes, plain boredom.  Instead, the option that makes the most sense to me is to focus on the key factor porn sites can’t match: the live interaction between the model and the members.

Theories of Media, Communication and Imaginary identify in postmodernity a kind of society where the more resources, techniques, and possibilities that man has to communicate, the more fragile the social bonds. However, although social ties are more fragile, generating the growing feeling of loneliness and increasing the difficulty of knowing how to deal with others in a human relationship (even virtual), this doesn’t mean people are closed off – they just don’t know how to interact anymore. People don’t know how to communicate with each other nowadays because the values of our society are more focused on being fascinated by entertainment and constructions of the media, which really don’t feed our emotional or cultural needs. A live cam model can fill a part of this emotional gap by offering social interaction, and, in return, having longer private chats, with more talkative, friendly and respectful members.

How models can apply “The Social Aspect of Camming”?

In order to apply this methodology, a model should change her attitude towards her members, in a way that she starts seeing herself as a person and not as product/sex toy anymore. In practice:

•       Profile description

A model profile needs to have a description in accordance with what she genuinely expects to receive in her room, rather than simply following the flow. For example, if she doesn’t like “to follow outfit requests”, she should not write it on her profile. On the other hand, if she enjoys roleplaying, include it, thus, reminding all her members that she loves it!

•       Patience and empathy

Having the patience to deal with some initial aggressiveness is also essential. From the first to the last day of her workflow online, she will receive guests and members in her room, who could try to disrespect her and go straight into action without asking her name or, saying “Hello”. It is her role to explain to all of them that she is not a living doll, but a human being, in as gently and kindly a way as possible. It’s also important to remind them that the better she is treated, the better and more engaged you will perform for them.

•       Don’t be afraid of losing money

Statistically, impolite guests (the “do this/ do that” types) usually do not stay in the room for more than a few minutes anyway. They are also the ones who give models bad ratings, negatively impacting their position on the sites. So, let’s just keep in mind the loyalty-loving interactions are the ones who spend the bigger amount of money in camsites platforms (even when they are looking for some sexual content).

To put it in a nutshell, the objectification (represented in this situation by the famous monosyllabic slogans without any human interaction: “naked”, toys”, “moan my name”, “cum now”, etc.) can be frustrating, but it’s a sexist result of a patriarchal culture, which has endured for millennia. What makes me truly happy is the most important part: members can be educated if they are taught how to behave. Even better, it appears as though they actually want to learn because they also miss the social interactions in their lives. Cam models can be the emotional bond that they are so desperately missing (and don’t even know). Keep in mind this is a manifestation of patience, dedication and love ― and they can feel it. The result after just a few days/weeks of doing this is truly amazing!