The Internet has grown rapidly since the 1990s and is now an integral part of our lives. In every minute, the online transactions worth $ 996,956. Also, in the same timeframe there are 3.8 million Google searches. A million people log on to Facebook. 4.5 million clips are watched on YouTube. 390,030 apps are downloaded. 87,500 people are writing on Twitter. 347,222 scrolls take place on Instagram. 1.4 million slides take place on the Tinder app. 188 million emails are sent. One million views take place on Twitch. 41.6 million messages are sent through chat applications. 41 people subscribe to music services. 180 smart speakers are shipped to buyers. 4.8 million GIFs are sent. 2.1 million Snapshots take place on Snapchat. 694,444 hours of movies and serials are watched in one minute on Netflix.
No wonder that currently, the largest companies in the world are online and they surpass the oil companies as value.
Amazon has a market capitalization of $ 820 billion, and Alphabet, the holding company of Google, has a stock market value of $ 817 billion. Facebook has reached $ 491 billion, Netflix, to $ 156 billion, and – 77 billion dollars. At the same time, eBay is worth 33.16 billion dollars, Spotify – 26.5 billion, Twitter has 23.6 billion, and Expedia – 18 billion. Alibaba, China’s Amazon, has reached 467 billion dollars. And in Russia have emerged equivalent American companies: Yandex is “Google of Russia”, and holds VKontakte, “Facebook of Russia”. Moreover, companies that are famous for other products have consistent revenues from online activities. Apple is well known for its iPhone, iPad, and Mac, but its revenue from online services is close to the level of Facebook. Microsoft is famous for Windows, Office and Xbox consoles, but it also has the Bing search engine, Bing Maps, MSN portal, or Linkedin professional network. Apple has a total capitalization of 843 billion dollars, and Microsoft, 865 billion, the highest in the world at this time.