The most criticized innovative product from the Consuming Electronics Show 2019, will now get financing, is the announcement made by its creator. Ose is really innovative and it will make happy a lot of women.
Using new technology, Osé is a sex toy, that comes with something unique on this market. “It’s way better than a vibrator”, its creators say, because it’s a hands-free device designed for women to experience blended orgasms: stimulating both the G-point and the clitoris. The device works outside and inside the body, internally, stroking the G point. It mimics the sensation given by a human mouth, tongue and fingers. The inventors disclosed the technology they used: micro-robotics, airflow and motions, to replace the “old school” vibrations.
A product as innovative as criticized by many, was banned from CES 2019, where at first it was announced that Ose had won a prize for innovation. The organizers than changed their minds and said that they’ve included the device by mistake and could withdraw any immoral or obscene entry at any time.
The product didn’t win a prize in January but it definitely gained notoriety, and good news came for women around the world, but especially for its creator, Lora Haddock. After the SXSW 2019 she announced that the state of Oregon has awarded a $99,637 Business Oregon Enhanced Phase 0 Grant for the commercialization of Osé.
“Lora DiCarlo exhibited some really innovative engineering, solid research, and market potential, the company’s strong program application and its R&D history with Oregon State University signal Lora DiCarlo has a great runway in front of them. We’re happy to work with this Oregon startup, which is already driving towards commercialization and creating jobs in Oregon”, explained Nathan Buehler, communications and marketing manager at Business Oregon.
Lora Haddock expressed her joy in hearing the news – “The state of Oregon’s recognition is significant because it acknowledges the mainstream acceptance of sexual pleasure devices and the economic potential of female entrepreneurs, like myself “. And then she added – “Pair that with the opportunity to help amplify us in our mission to bring the topic of female sexual health and wellness to the masses. The Oregon Innovation fund grant will help us as we commercialize Osé, while also generating more jobs in Oregon. We are beyond excited to receive this year’s grant.”