The clitoris is not just that piece of skin, that when it is being stimulated, it creates so much pleasure for women. Indeed, the clitoris is formed of legs and there are several other components. Interesting, right? This is just one of the amazing information about the clitoris.
There is a direct line between the clitoris and the brain. They communicate through the pudendal nerve. So, it’s a fact that men and women get aroused following a similar path. The visible part of the clitoris, that incredible tiny piece of skin is just a small part of this female organ. It is just the head of the clit and it is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Speaking about structures, did you know that there is an external clit and also an internal one? The head mentioned above is also called ‘the glans’. The bulbs and the legs form the internal clitoris, which can double its size “as it becomes engorged with blood”, according to the specialists from is also a fact that clitoris works just like a penis, only smaller and comes from the same tissue in utero as the penis. In addition, the clitoris also gets enlarged when aroused, in the same way as the penis. What the penis doesn’t have, is the number of nerves had by the clit, which contains approximately 8000 nerve endings. The men only have 4000.If you are anxious to find out how you can stimulate that internal clitoris, here is some advice from “Try pressing the palm of your hand against her vulva and folding your fingers over her pubic mound”. You can also use lubrication for extra pleasure. The existence of the clitoris has only one purpose – to bring pleasure to women. Somewhere between 50 and 75 percent of the women need clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm.