The officials from WTF Forum, happening in Sochi, Russia between 27-29th August 2019, just released a press statement with the latest infos about the event:

“This will be the most anticipated event in the webcam industry in Russia.

At the first WTF Summit 2018, about 380 participants came from 17 cities in Russia, Romania, the USA, Germany and others, including 40 studios, representatives of websites, media, individual experts and home models. Now more than 500 real participants are waiting to confirm their participation in the forum.

This year we are preparing an even more ambitious program in the field of training and business coworking, as well as an evening entertainment program. In addition to the sea of the most valuable information on the WTF 2019 there will be also mountains of new achievements and agreements.

Well, it is worth noting that the location for the summit was not chosen by chance. Sochi is the pearl of Russia. Here, among the rocky mountains, breathtaking views will open up, and in conjunction with the useful part of the forum, this will be an unforgettable journey to the very top of the webcam career for many. At the forum, you can make useful contacts, meet with partners and reach new agreements.

We invite you to become media partners of the WTF Summit Russia Sochi and support our information event on your resources. We guarantee that the Summit 2019 you can not forget.”
WTF Forum 2019