Super Bowl 53 is over and it is said to have been one of the less passionate finals in the past years. Besides the game itself there remain tens of millions of dollars spent on commercials, some disappointed fans and a lot of fun facts. Let’s take a closer look at what Super Bowl 53 meant.
The Patriots won. Again. “The dynasty rolls on”, wrote on its cover Boston Globe after the 3rd victory on a row for the New England Patriots. It is a fact that the game was disappointing since it was the first Super Bowl ever without a touchdown in the first three quarters. But, hey, the Super Bowl remains one of the most watched events on the planet every year. So, whether was watched into the stadium, at home or in a pub, according to specialists from the US Department of Agriculture, this year’s event marked the second highest sales in food after Thanksgiving in the US.
Statistics were confirmed and over 1,3 billion chicken wings were bought on Sunday, which should be enough to circle the Earth three times. In the same time, for pizza restaurants, the Super Bowl days are the busiest. On the official website, Pizza Hut changed its name into Pizza Hut Hut, as this was the first year for Pizza Hut being sponsor of the Super Bowl. Where does “hut hut” come from? Well it is a wordplay – “hut, hut, hike!” is a phrase used by the quarterbacks during the game.
Speaking of commercials, the Super Bowl is a great marketing opportunity for brands to show off. The tens of millions spent this year might have been a loss considering the quality of the game. A 30 second commercial cost approximately 5,2 million dollars. A lot of memes and jokes appeared after the game. Even the twitter account for Mercedes Benz (which gives the name of the stadium in Atlanta – Mercedes Benz Arena) reacted- “If this game weren’t in my stadium, I would have driven away by now.” 🙂