A new, ergonomically designed sex toy was recently launched on the market by Dame Products. New Kip Vibe has the design of a classic vibrator, but it is an improved version, having new features and more power.
The producers are saying that they will continue their mission to “make the world a happier place one vagina at a time”, with this latest release.
Kip is made from body-safe silicon, has a cupped face and an angled tip for all-around stimulation. It has five vibration speeds and four patterns. The waterproof vibe is available in lavender and lemon and it can last for up to 1.5 hours at its highest setting. It’s USB rechargeable and easy to clean.
“With the help of over 1400 survey responders, 131 focus group participants, and almost 100 prototype testers aged 19-74, we added exciting new features and lots of power to a concept that needed a human-first design update. Whether you’re buying your first vibrator ever, or your first one in 30 years, Kip will feel like an old friend in your hands, and a new lover anywhere you want.”, company’s representatives said.
Dame Labs, created by Alexandria Fine and Janet Lieberman, are focused on creating products for the sexual wellbeing of wemen: “Dame Products was founded by women to close the ‘pleasure gap’. We develop well-researched toys for sex that encourage vulnerability, heighten intimacy, and add value to the sexual experiences of humankind. (…)We believe sex toys should satisfy real women’s needs. Instead of starting with a flashy feature or a kooky shape, we begin our design process with focus groups and scientific research.”
‘The pleasure gap’ refers to the studies showing a big pleasure gap in the bedroom. In one study, 91% of cis-men said they “usually” or “always” orgasm during sex, while only 39% of cis-women said the same.