Eroticism reaches new heights on YouTube. There is one girl who licks microphones to give orgasms to men. This is the new guilty pleasure that makes a splash on the internet these days. Well, there are a lot of girls with this occupation, but this particular one that we are talking about made a fortune out of this.
You can call it ASMR, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or, easier, a tingle that awakens all your senses, from the top of your head to your toes. It is known that a sensation can be triggered with a look, a hair touch, with a kiss in the ear area, but more recently, from the sound of a licked microphone. The phenomenon is expanding rapidly on social networks, and such a channel on YouTube has reached over 630,000 subscribers.
Dressed provocatively to arouse the viewer in a visual way too, the girls begin to lick the microphone to provide, what they call “an orgasm for the brain”. These videos have millions of views on the internet, and the ones that appreciate this kind of things they are extremely satisfied.
Sarah Toth is 27 years old and is one of the creators of ASMR content. She has this “job” for nearly four years and has managed to earn hundreds of thousands of Euros per year. “People walking into it find it weird, it’s definitely different from the norm. But people encourage their friends to try it and it often goes from there. I’m a very sexual person and used to watch a lot of porn. I would watch videos where at the beginning they’re massaging someone, and I started getting tingles. Eventually, I went to YouTube to watch massage videos, and I stumbled across a couple ASMR artists that I liked. I found out there was a name for the tingling feeling I was getting, and decided to post a couple videos myself. It all kicked off from there”, Sarah told The Sun.