The internet has given all from the beginning the perfect ground for porn to develop and with every step made by technology, possibilities of business coming out of this became bigger. You might have heard about the term ‘sextech’ – it’s a term that is more in more popular and has a lot of potential when it comes to business.
Trying to understand sextech even better, we find innovation as a central term. Sextech is innovation when it comes to sexual pleasure. Let’s take a look at the most interesting and most successful sextech startups.
HappyPlayTime is a series of educational sex games for young women, but apparently, men have been interested too. They were created as a result of the fact that female masturbation, compared with male masturbation, is watched with different eyes by many societies. wants “to make the best technology available at a low cost for ALL adult site owners”. Their vision is simple – they want to produce affordable software products for the adult industry.
Pillow is an app dedicated to teach couples how important is to create a special space during their love encounters. They help you to forget your day by day problems and focus on your lover. This is something we all should aim – to bring together in the same present as much often as we can our minds, our souls and our bodies.
What can a sexologist and an engineer create together? In order to close the gap between men and women orgasms and pleasure, Dame Products created some innovative sex toys that you normally can‘t find in shops.
MysteryVibe is one of the most innovative startups in the industry. Their site welcomes you with the message: “Your pleasure personalized. Creating the complete pleasure experience through technology, talent, and insight”. This company makes Crescendo and Tenuto, two of the most innovative vibrators ever created. They present Crescendo as: “The world’s most advanced luxury vibrator. The first truly unisex and universal vibrator”, while Tenuto for him, “is the ultimate satisfier for solo or partner pleasure.” Crescendo has six motors and can easily bend in multiple directions.