The sex toy industry has never been more open and inviting than nowadays, offering new possibilities for singles and couples. Over the past several years a wave of tech companies has revolutionized the industry by redefining toys as a part of sexual health rather than being a perversity.
With groundbreaking products made for a wider diversity of bodies, wonderful designs, multiple new functions and including also popular concepts such as bondage and BDSM, companies introduce us into a new era of pleasure tech. People have grown to accept sex toys more and more and they are no longer considered taboo. The presence of specialty sex toys stores and online channels where they can purchase these products with ease has enabled many couples to enhance their sexual lives.
This new wave of sexual toys started to make people believe that toys and masturbation are not in opposition to a relationship, on the contrary, it can help improve it on so many levels. Still the myth of “addiction”, desensitization or make it impossible to cum any other way persists, but there is no evidence that supports these worries. What masturbation can do is to improve your capacity of having orgasms and it helps you learn more about your body and what kind of touch and sensations you like. Sharing this with your partner will improve your sexual life. There is one legitimate health concern and that is the type of material used for the toys, as they go inside the most absorbent parts of your body and of course cleaning them properly and regularly.
While big brands on the market may be happy selling exclusively to straight, cisgender people, independent retailers are reporting an increased demand for gender-neutral designs and marketing. Many online shops are offering now the possibility to remove gender language from their websites. This opens up the door to clients that would normally be interested in trying something, however, they are cast off by the suggestion that has to be used in a certain way or by certain people. This also raises some challenges for online retailers because they have to use language that is inclusive while also being search engine friendly, in a world where people still use gendered language when they Google for sex toys. Like this SEO can be a big hustle.
In the end, being cautious about the language and reducing assumptions on how people use their sex toys allows manufacturers and stores to market their products to more and more people.
And that is a very good business!