If the dystopia that the Terminator movies depicted is coming, apparently the revolution of the machines will start in our bedrooms. We can hear more and more about sex robots and for now we just smile and them, but if you keep an open mind and eye, it could bring up interesting perspectives.
First of all, we are well aware that sex robots right now are mainly clunky and/or overpriced, but for sure, some companies that are producing them are making a hefty profit, so definitely there is a demand for these cybernetic geishas.
And even if you have to be a futurist to imagine these dolls to participate in the adult biz, let’s admit, when it comes to technological advance, new products always find their way in live cams. Right now even VR and 360 streaming are kind of in their cradle. It is relatively expensive, resource consuming and alien to many girls. But they are here, and who knows, one day maybe this will be the case with robots as well.
For now, let’s just think of the possibilities.
Any toy or gadget that appeared in the live cam business are aiming for the same goal, to make the member-model interaction more interactive, more lifelike. And robots could definitely fit in this requirement.
Imagine an anatomically detailed, lifelike, yet robotic companion that is made for sex. On one hand, this is something that many guys would really try in their bedrooms, but at the same time, they could be easily utilized in a cam model’s room as well. Even if it is lifelike, it is still just an object (sorry any android from sci-fi movies) and can make the cam experience more deep.
There are already Internet-enabled sex toys which not only react to speed and intensity inputs, but via amazing engineering, they also transfer pressure to their pairs, so the sensation can be as real as it can be, just like having sex with the cam girl on the other side of the globe.
Now imagine this same technology built in a robot.
Then let’s pair this smart dildo with VR, which is already at our doorsteps. So the member feels and sees POV as the model caresses him.
And then let’s combine all three together where you can maybe see from the robot’s point of view in 360 while the sex toy registers every shake of the model’s body, or even the member could have a robot staying in doggy as he wears the headset.
We know it sounds like a lot, but 3-4 years ago would you have thought about using VR in camming?
What is sure, never underestimate the demand for porn and the way, new technologies can make it to the industry. It might sound like an enormous leap for now, but maybe in a few years from now on, it will all become reality.