Candles, chocolate, flowers…. must be again that time of the year when you’ll hear people saying “who wants to be my Valentine?!” The 14th of February is a synonym for love, affection, passion or kinky couple activities, as many people celebrate Valentine’s day all over the world. And it’s that kind of notorious celebration that can easily put your online presence in the spotlight.
Valentine’s Day is a very good opportunity to create better and deeper connections with your most regular fans, and you can make this day special with quite a few easy tips and tricks regarding your appearance on cam.
For example, you can go a new hairstyle, like brushed out waves. You should opt for this hairstyle because you never go wrong with touchable hair. It gives you shape and volume to your hair and also creates a soft sexiness allure.
Also, you can try the high bun with flyaways. These little fuzzies around your face may suit you well and can make your look unforgettable. Once your hair is tight up, tug down a few pieces along your temples. There’s no need to go for a hard makeup, just mascara, and a scattered charcoal black line.
A soft smokey makeup can work well too in this special day. It helps you create a super look, and can turn you into a smoking hot chick.
A high ponytail with a wavy form can boost your look along with a sexy outfit. This hairstyle is like an instant face lift and a great way to show off your gorgeous face.  
Peachy lips might go unnoticed sometimes, but with some extra volume lashes and a cat eyes makeup, this fleshy color will make your lips irresistibly kissable and plushy.
Accessories, lingerie and outfit choices need also some of your focus. But buying lingerie for this special occasion might be discouraging and time-consuming. It really doesn’t matter if you go for lacy, silky or simple items as long as they are nice looking.
You may try something chic and romantic looking sets like Agent Provocateur, for example. Or if you are more tomboyish you can go for Calvin Klein.The easiest way to look festive during Valentine’s Day is by trying a silk and lace set. The top has no underwires so you won’t get stung and poked. And if you are not a fan of silk or lace, CK classic cotton is the best alternative. Besides being quite comfy, this one throwback to the 90’s sex appeal.
Balconette bra should be a mandatory item on your checklist all the time. The fiery red set made from a blend of silk and tulle can give you the festive feeling on this naughty day. And it has a bonus: isn’t complicated to take it off.
If you want you can go for a set of sheer mesh with strappy hip details, which can make people think of some bondage play. Still, if you want to make it look friendlier you can simply remove the garter belts.
The last but not the least, a full bodysuit can be a very inspired choice, as it will put your body in the spotlight and will make fans more curious to see what’s underneath.
Once you made up your mind regarding your overall look, all you have to do is to get a bottle of wine, some scented candles and get ready for naughty moments along with your best customers.