“How can I earn more money?” A question that at least once crosses every cam model’s mind in her career. Of course there is no simple answer for this, but rather it is a complex system of various guidelines to follow. There is no definitive list of things you have to do in order to achieve success, but we tried to gather some aspects that should be followed by everyone.
Although we start the list with something but less practical, maybe this is the most important thing of all. While camming can be considered as “easy” money, if you want to make it big, it is no different from any other profession. Huge sums of money can only be earned through hard, dedicated work. The industry is over saturated when it comes to models, so it is harder and harder every day to stay on top. But if you are really dedicated to this goal, you have a good chance that you can make it.
However, part of this dedication is to be brutally honest with yourself. As you will read this list of to-dos, ask yourself: Do I really give 100%? If the answer is no, you already know where to start your development.
Stay friendly and approachable
Members have very different personalities and we definitely do not wish to generalize. However statistically speaking, the average member is older than you are, has some social anxieties, might have some issues which are preventing him from dating girls. You must be able to bypass these obstacles by being super friendly and open minded when talking with them.
Online interactions have their certain limitations when it comes to communication. They only see you on a screen and you are separated by thousands of kilometres from each other. This means, that both verbal and non-verbal communication should be done by you at its finest. If you sit there looking bored, sad, angry, they might not approach you as they could be afraid of being rejected. Instead get your best manners, keep smiling, be funny and make them feel welcome in your room. Also avoid body postures which are closed, like crossing arms, sitting with your knees curdled up, anything that would show you do not feel confident or cheerful.
Members have to feel encouraged to approach you, to talk to you and to be friendly with you. Maybe even more importantly, the majority of the traffic on the sites is outside your room, hovering its mouse over your preview. If in that small thumbnail they see a smiley, friendly model, odds that they will enter your room are higher.
Using the microphone
This is something that every expert from cam sites and studios alike keep repeating, but still very few models do it. We will do the same, we will repeat: use the microphone. The reason is very simple. Members online, can only hear and see you, therefore if you take away the half of it, the whole experience is missing something very important.
The tone of your voice is part of who you are in the eyes of others. So do not be shy and talk in the microphone. Of course there are several excuses from models, why they do not do it. One of them is having an accent. Do not worry, members know exactly that you are not from the US and do not expect you to speak it with perfect pronunciation. Also some actually might find your accent sexy. Then think about how much better you can express emotions with changing the tone of your voice. It can be high pitched happy, kinky deep or even angry, frustrated. Speaking can be a very useful tool in your act. Just try whispering to your member close to the microphone, we promise that the effect will not be missing.
And finally it is simply more good looking and practical. Most of the models are not familiar how to type blindly, so what they do, is that they keep looking down at their keyboards, which is just an extra distraction that you do not need. Furthermore, when you speak, you subconsciously use your hands and face more for non-verbal communication, which looks far more lively online, than sitting stiff and typing. And finally, you can address more people at the same time. You do not have to type a different line for each visitor, but instead you can just lay back and talk to them.
Posing and body language
As mentioned about speaking, nonverbal communication is a very important part of your online performance, actually some studies say that in the quality of the first impression about us is mainly relies on our body language. What does this mean in practice? Avoid positions online which make you looks shy, tired, bored, at all times. We talked about the traffic hovering over your room. What they see there will determine if they want to see more of you, or not. Spend some time in front of your camera to find out which positions suit you the best. But in general, forget about laying down, sitting at the edge of the bed, crossing your arms, tilting your head down. Instead, use postures that radiate openness, interest and positivism but of course they are comfortable to stay in.
Then if you have various positions, make sure to vary them from time to time. No need to be on the move constantly, but do not stay static for too long.
Eye contact with the camera
Again, part of your nonverbal communication is a very simple trick, to look into the camera as much as possible. They often say that the eye is the mirror of the soul. We are not here to decide if this is true or not, but what is for sure, is that for men who are fond of you, it has a great impact if you turn your charming stare right into the camera. They will feel like you are directly looking into their eyes. If you have ever been in love, you know very well how freezing impact this can have.
This thing is something you should definitely follow, and you should do anything to make it work. If you have to, change the position of the camera or the screen, but keep eye contact with your guys.
Have profile pictures that mirror the online reality
Every model loves to have stunning photos, and in the last few years, the production of these galleries have increased largely. And although in many cases someone else will make your photos, you should try to be real, true to your online self. The reason is very simple. The very first thing a member sees about you is your profile picture. If on that image you are in an expensive, amazing looking nightdress, but online you are just chilling in a tank top and shorts, it is a huge contrast between the two.
Your photos sell a feeling which gets the member’s interest. In his head a scene builds up immediately caressing that elegant woman from the picture. But then he sees the casual you, which is kind of a turn off. Make no mistake, we are not telling you not to dress casually, no. Wear what you are comfortable in and is suitable for being online. But at the same time, your photos should show the same you.
Never say no
Negativity in any form should be avoided while online. This strongly applies to requests. We are not saying that you should say yes for anything members ask you, you should be still comfortable with your limits and respecting the site rules. However, avoid saying a plain “no”. On one hand it is very negative, plus it ends the conversation, shutting out the possibilities for the member. Instead try to turn every no into a maybe. Even if he asks you something that you do not want to or cannot fulfill, offer an alternative, something similar which is within your boundaries, good taste and site rules. Moreover, you are most likely not one on one with the member in free chat, so maybe this new offer from you can wake another one’s interest.
Know your website
This is our final and one of the most important advices for now. The website you work on is a mere too that you make money with. However, if you wish to make as much profit as possible, you need to master using it. This means knowing it in and out.
Based on what they give you extra exposure? What determines your position on the list page? No matter what it is, number of photos, video quality, ratings, the point is to utilize this, do your best reaching the highest requirements. Furthermore, use every single feature, even if it is a bit of extra effort. Camming can be easy money, but you need to put effort in it as in anything else if you wish to get rich from it. So be determined and use messages, invitations, promo codes, promo show, whatever the site offers.
Try them, test, find out what works best of you and most importantly, give them time. You cannot see results from one single try. Be persistent and aim to the top, those features are there for a reason, and never forget, the goal of the studio is the same as yours: making you a high earning cam model.