One thing that surely pisses off a cam girl, is when she finds herself performing on tube sites. This means that a member or guest recorded her while she was online, and uploaded the video on one of the popular adult video sharing web sites. Some models get straight furious and paranoid when they find themselves there, but the question is: is it worth all the fuss?
The Internet is an enormous place, that is a fact. According to Live Internet Stats, in very second, 6,000 tweets are tweeted; more than 40,000 Google queries are made; and more than 2 million emails are sent. And according to Google, in 2014, already a billion websites existed. These facts are here just to give you a glimpse, how enormous traffic goes through on the web daily, and you, as a live cam performer is a part of this. To be more precise, sites like have approximately 32 million visitors a month. Crazy numbers for sure, but what does this mean for you?
You simply cannot control or check what kind of people will visit your room. The ideal case is when a member comes, he wants you to perform for him, and he also has the money for your services. He takes you to private, he leaves happy and you earned a few extra bucks.
But there will be always those guys, who want to keep a small memento and maybe even share it with others. These guys will take snapshots, record videos of you.
The first thing to clarify about this, is that someone does not have to be a tech savvy person to do this. Screen recording software are in abundance, they can be accessed for free or even built in the browser they view you from. So basically this is something that you cannot fight against, and you do not even have an idea that he is recording you.
And while our suggestion might sound disappointing, there is a reality, in which you have to learn to ignore and forget this thing. There is virtually nothing you can do against these people, and almost nothing to have your content removed. This kind of comes with the job you signed up for.
But there is luckily a silver lining to this whole story. Even if you are not glad about those videos, they can mean you traffic. Most visitors of cam sites come from tube sites. Banners and popups appear for porn viewers to lure them in live chat rooms. Most probably your video is also highlighting your performer name, so if a guy likes what he sees, he will get tempted to see you live.
So even if it is uncalled, it is a form of promotion. But definitely do not fall in the mistake, that you get too angry or frustrated about the existence of these videos, it will just ruin your mood for nothing.
Of course you can take action, and contact the website where you were recorded, or the tube site where your video appears. They are obliged to remove your content if it was uploaded without your consent, but in most cases, this is a tedious process, you need to provide documents to verify your identity, and so on. But the thing is, that there is no guarantee that your video will not appear the next day again, or if it is not already up on dozens of other sites. It is an endless fight, which just consumes your energy and focus from your job.
Cam sites can also help you to remove the content, but in most cases they are only able to do so, if something is on the video which can be connected to their network. A logo, trademark sound effect and such. But even if they do this for you, still they would have to do this for every video and for every performer who has videos uploaded. And again, this would never end, as new content would be up next day.
So the bottom-line is, even if these videos make you angry, in reality, there is not much you can do against this phenomenon. The Internet is simply too large to be controlled on this level. So instead of being mad, focus on the possible positive effect of the promotion, and focus on what is really important, your online performance.