In a tweet posted on the evening of November 13, 2019, @PornhubHelp wrote: “URGENT: PayPal has stopped all Pornhub model payouts. If you had PayPal as your payout method please change to direct deposit/SEPA, or payment by check in your settings.”
In a blog post linked to the tweet, Pornhub wrote:
We are all devastated by PayPal’s decision to stop payouts to over a hundred thousand performers who rely on them for their livelihoods.
If you have PayPal as your payout option please select a new method and update your information in your Model Settings tab.
If you have a pending payment for October and you were using PayPal, please contact us immediately (select support type payment issues) with your updated payment method and update your payment info in your model settings tab as well. Payments will start to be sent out at the end of this week. We sincerely apologize if this causes any delays and we will have staff working around the clock to make sure all payouts are processed as fast as possible on the new payment methods.
The post then went on to link to information for European models looking to set up “direct debit,” Canadian and US models looking to set up a direct deposit and linked to all its available payout methods.
It seems that Pornhub is doing everything it can to process payouts as quickly as possible in light of this news. My question, of course, is: Given how openly sex-negative PayPal is, why was it even being used/offered as a payout option in the first place?
If you are even remotely or obliquely connected to the sex work and/or sex media industries, do not use PayPal.