Internet enabled sex toys are popping up on more and more cam sites, or some are already hoarding the options on how to make members more satisfied. Such is Cam4, who already has 360 live streams, but they are open to any new opportunities when it comes to new technology. One of these is SayberX, an internet enabled masturbator, with which cam girls can get members off with a whip of their fingers. Literally.
SayberX is a male masturbator, which for the first glimpse looks as any other, and even the fact that it connects to the Internet is not something new. However, the twist is on how it can be controlled from model side. Of course we will only see if the product makes it to mass production, as right now it is still running its Indiegogo campaign.
However, prospects are already bright for SayberX Inc, as they managed to already managed to team up with Cam4, which is definitely a big thing for such a project. But let’s see what is so special in this toy.
The full set contains two pieces. One is the masturbator of course, but the second one is the really interesting one, as it is a ring that the model can wear. The motion tracking X Ring registers and transfer the speed of how the model “strokes” and sends the information to the masturbator. Definitely a very interesting approach, and can be utilized in very creative ways.
So in case you are interested in the product and working on Cam4, you still have a week to opt-in for the funding and get the ring for a very fair price. Once the feature shows up on the site, it will be surely a big hit, and a real international effort. British design and German engineering will help an Eastern European cam model to get off an American guy. What a time to live in!