When it came to sex robots in adult movies, fans were ecstatic. New sexual fantasy partners have been received extraordinarily, but security experts insist with the theory that have made many people think.
The biggest fear of specialists is that sex robots can be attacked by hackers, just like smart phones or gadgets. In the case of an attack to a smartphone, only your personal stuff will be affected, but an attack on a sex robot could turn into an extremely dangerous machine, even ready to kill.
“Hackers can hack into a robot or a robotic device and have full control over the connections, arms, legs and other attached tools like in some cases knives or welding devices,” Dr. Nick Patterson, Senior Lecturer in Information Technology at Deakin University in Melbourne, told The Daily Star.
“Once a robot is hacked, the hacker has full control and can issue instructions to the robot”.The last thing you want is for a hacker to have control over one of these robots! Once hacked, they could be used to perform physical actions for an advantageous scenario or cause damage”.
Two years ago a smart sex toy has been already attacked by hackers. The Hush Butt was controlled remotely from a laptop by an Italian researcher, Giovanni Mellini. The Hush is described as “the world’s first teledildonic plug, that can be controlled from anywhere”. Mellini tested it for fun, but also to verify its security. “This caught my attention after researchers told us that a lot of sex toys use this protocol to allow remote control that is insecure by design”, Mellini wrote on his blog.