Every new day comes with a new gadget or a new application or a new software that promises to make our lives easier. Many of them succeed, but many are criticized because they can make us lazy and force our brains not think so much. But for all of them, a lot of vision, a lot of creativity and a lot of passion are needed.  Here are the most promising inventions for our future.
For decades, people have been dreaming of flying cars. Earlier this year has been presented the most viable prototype ever – the Bell Nexus is the flying cab that Bell company prepares to put into the Uber service in 2020. This taxi is a hydraulic prop aircraft and will take off and land vertically, just like a helicopter. Six flexible fans are used for propulsion to make landing and take-off maneuvers.
The Ovis-encased GPS suitcase was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show at the beginning of the year just like the Bell Nexus, and it’s going to make traveling easier. Ovis uses a camera for facial recognition and algorithm for tracking its owner’s movements. It’s basically a hands-free suitcase that tracks you through the airport or through the train station or through wherever you might go. It’s so intelligent that it knows how to bypass obstacles and make room through the crowd.
Another super gadget comes from Google and is already on sale. Google pixel earbuds “will rock your world”, specialists say, but just after they’ll be improved in the following months. They can translate in real time in English and in many other languages. Right now they can only translate simple sentences, but in a short time, they will be able to translate phrases.
The Smart Door Bell from Amazon is the 4th most expensive investment of Jeff Bezos’s empire. Its value was one billion$ and it has a sensor which activates an app on your smartphone that shows who is at your door through a 1080p camera.
When it comes to sex toys, the controversial Ose is the most revolutionary product these days. It promises blended orgasms, both clitoral and G-spot. “Osé uses advanced micro-robotics to mimic of the sensations of a human mouth, tongue, & fingers, for an experience that feels just like a real partner, no need for vibration”, this is its description on the official website. It will be available from this year’s fall.