Most adult sites use the coin system and users pay different amounts of money to buy virtual coins to use for webcam shows. The process itself is outdated and both those who own the porn sites and users have begun to complain about the disadvantages. Soon, things will work out. A new, more effective method has emerged.
Most of the time, problems appear when, during a session, a user has no more virtual coins. The session stops automatically, and the user is forced to make a new deposit, and then buy coins in order to connect again to the source of pleasure. The situation is not pleasant either for business people or for users. The person without credit will often not make another deposit because he fears that the session will end before the process is completed.
Segpay has launched PostPay, a new online payment service that brings more options and more interactivity to those who use it. Some adult sites have already switched to this payment system, while others are testing it. Specifically, users will have more options when navigating on webcam platforms.
“Having one individual line item on their credit card bill, instead of four or five, is more user-friendly for consumers. That encourages more purchases and fewer chargebacks, which of course makes merchants very happy”, commented Cathy Beardsley, CEO at Segpay.
With Post Pay, users can set up from the start how long they want to stay in a session, but there won’t be a problem if the time runs out. The service will calculate the difference in the end, and the payment will be made without the need for another payment order. Another great thing is that if you make a payment and you don’t spend all the money, the amount left will be returned to your account.
“We are now able to offer our users the ability to spend as they go, along with prepaid packages, which is proving to be very successful”, said Tal Bar-Cohen, ImLive Chief Marketing Officer.