Amber Haze

20 from #girlsfromstudio20

  1. Zodiac sign and why

Gemini. Why? Because we are awesome, because we are always right and because our double personality helps us in any situation!

  1. Favorite alcoholic drink

Wine, because it’s good for men when ladies are drinking it!

  1. We know you work out, what’s your favorite exercise and why?

Oh yes, I love to work out and to be honest, squats are my favorites because how else could I keep my butt firm?

  1. Fur or leather?

Fur when I’m a lady, leather always when I’m a dominatrix!

  1. Favorite way of getting dirty

Uhhh, if I say it’s when I’m completely wet, does it count? Omg, I said wet because of the rain … Get your head out of the gutter

  1. Vanilla or Chocolate?

Chocolate baby! Dark one!

  1. Favorite sex toy

Hummmm…my foxtail butt plug

  1. Worst pick up line

I’ve had such an off week, but seeing you just turns me on!

  1. Do you believe in life after love?

Of course, I can feel something inside me say, I really don’t think I’m strong enough!

  1. Do you always put fruits on your ass before eating them or is this the new trend in making fruit salads?

Yes, of course, my booty cheeks are a phenomenal kitchen robot.  Beats Jack LaLanne’s ass. Amazing wiggle!!!

  1. What’s one thing that frustrates you to the point of crazy?

When one of my virtual friends starts to tease me and turn me on anddddd….credits are running out so I get blue balls

  1. Speaking of crazy, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

If we’re talking about on cam crazy sessions, then I would say the craziest was when I had to imitate a horny horse

  1. Kids or animals?


  1. What do you like about being a cam girl?

I adore the fantasy world that I’m living in, the number of people who come here daily just to see my smile and the way I feel when I see someone is happy just because he has my attention!

  1. How does a perfect day look like for you?

As I’m a traveler, I’d say the perfect day would be somewhere far, on an exotic island with a Mojito in my right hand, under a palm umbrella! Well and my left hand inside my bikini

  1. Favorite song to tease on?

Justify my love-Madonna

  1. Last book you’ve read and what you liked about it

“History of the Antic World” – because I’m fascinated by antic history! (ok and because I’m a Goddess too)

  1. Is there anything that you can’t drive?

Don’t think so but I haven’t tried tilting;  I would drive it if is full of 100 beagle puppies!

  1. Fondest childhood memory

One of my holidays, in my grandparents’ village, I went to a club with my cousin and as we weren’t allowed to come back later than 10 PM, we jumped over the fence and we lost the key…so obviously our grandma caught us and punished us. So the entire summer vacation I had to milk cows and take them to the shepherd. Not the normal memory, you’d say, but it was in a time where everything was simple and fun.

  1. Message for your fans

Hope, believe, and be happy! Never lose your patience! I’m here for you to share moments and experiences, it’ not only about sex, it’s about life, about joy about a way to live!