Pleasure shouldn’t be something you think about only when you are in the bedroom or at home. That’s what the guys from We-Vibe thought and created a wearable Bluetooth-controlled vibrator.
Moxie is the vibrator every woman had dreamed about because it is designed to fit inside underwear. It has only a few inches, it has a very slim shape, which makes it ideal for hands-free clitoral stimulation. You shouldn’t fear about safety – Moxie comes with a magnetic clip which will help it stay exactly where you put it.
“Moxie is for couples looking for an adventure outside the bedroom—those who may want to add some excitement to date night, a dinner out, dog walks, or a boring meeting,” We-Vibe Marketing Manager Stephanie Keating said. “In Moxie user trials, couples told us of the thrill of having their partner in control and having a little secret just between the two of them. Plus, 88 percent of participants told us they had a pleasurable experience with Moxie.”
You’ll never get bored using Moxie. It has ten levels of intensity and ten vibration models. You can safely use it underwater and it has two hours autonomy – after charging it for one hour and a half.
Moxie uses Bluetooth 5, it comes with a multi-function remote and with the We-Connect app and it’s made of silky silicone. Due to all this characteristic, the new vibrator by We-Vibe can “be considered the first premium product in wearable or ‘panty vibe’ category”, according to
You can buy it for 129$ from wherever you are in the world. You can find out more about Moxie by accessing and you can see how it works on a video accessing this link: