A common cliche is how our world is getting more and more digital, how software, apps take the control over our everyday work. The live cam industry is especially in the crossfire of technical advancement, as cam sites and content providers alike have to implement the newest tool in order to be able to provide the best possible quality and efficiency.
When it come to live cam studios however, this advancement is one sided. While the cam feeds are improving relentlessly, the work behind the girls can be quite archaic in some cases. Until now.
A small team of developers have created a tool called CamStudioApp, the first ever application entirely dedicated to serve the daily administrative needs of a live cam studio. The core concept of the product is to make the work of the studio’s admins’ and manager’s work seamless, organized and transparent, therefore they can focus on what is the most important: the girls themselves.
The software consists of three major modules.
The heart of everything is a standalone software that has to be installed on the performer’s computer. This application, once the model logged in with her unique credentials, measures the time she effectively spends with streaming online, and what she spends on break. This allows the studios, to stop relying on third party sites’ statistics, which are often incorrect, and they can precisely see how effectively their models work. As more and more websites put the online spent time in foreground when it comes to judge a performer’s potential, this is a very useful function.
At the same time,  the software has the possibility to log in models into their cam site accounts with a single click, without the girls knowing their credentials to the accounts, owned by the studio. While for some this might sound like an unnecessary precaution, most studio owners are aware of the risks of their accounts becoming compromised and perhaps used from different locations than the studio.
The second module is the admin panel which gives the studio’s staff access to a wide variety of statistics and administrative features. First of all, the time recorded via the performer application appears in their interface in real time, so they can easily see the performance of the models. They can create schedule, reviews, send internal messages, create tutorials and appointments for the models. But there are several other functions as well, which allow admins and managers alike to control the work of the whole studio from one single desktop or mobile device.
The third main module is the models’ panel, where girls can individually set their schedule, keep contact with the staff online, see their statistics or read news, tutorials made by the management.
All in all it is a very useful tool specialized to make the work in your studio faster, simpler. Finally you can get rid of pen and paper, tedious datasheets and manage your studio even from your pocket. Already several live cam studios are using the application, making their work far more effective and balanced. If you wish to find out more, visit the software’s website and contact the developers with any kind of questions.