London – Internet sensation Linsey Dawn McKenzie continues to break sales records as a top cam model on the platform. Pushing the pace by combining her award winning personality with Webstream’s innovative technology, the total package is proving that independent cam models are capable of maximizing their own profits by building out a personal brand without becoming completely reliant on any particular webcam platform.
“Webstream has made a huge difference in my career,” explained Ms. McKenzie. “I’m a model and the personality part of my business comes easy for me, keeping my fans fully engaged and always wanting more is what camming has always been about – but when it comes to all the technical backend stuff, that’s always time I could have put in front of the camera making money instead of having to manually update things for myself offline. Ben and the Webstream team have automated so much of what needs to be done, and they are always there for me willing to help out with whatever else comes up. Simply put, that means more money earned for each hour that I put into my business, which is exactly what every cam model is looking to find.”
Webstream is a complete platform agnostic webcam system. That means it works with any website, computer or mobile device. You don’t have to be exclusive to any company, rely on any one site or put up with the restrictive terms of service that some cam companies require. With Webstream, you make your own rules, you are always your own boss, and you can run your business exactly the way you want. Just create an account and start camming within minutes. That way you can put your time and effort into building a bigger audience or keeping your current fans happy, while Webstream handles all the payment processing and broadcast tech for you. Updating your site and live camming anytime online becomes a simple point and click process that anyone can do with no cost.
“The fact is, I would be a terrible cam model because that job requires skills I do not have. I admire the girls and guys who are great at doing it, and it’s obvious how much talent they put into their live shows online… but where I can be helpful is on the technical side of things where the skills needed are entirely different from their on-camera activities” said Ben of Webstream with a smile. “For me, getting better bitrates, lowering payment processing fees, automating video store systems and helping models build their brands is sexy… and when the payments start rolling out to new Webstream models it’s amazing how sexy they think it is too. As it turns out, we are all looking for the same thing in the end – the best way to earn more for every minute we put into our online businesses. Linsey is a great example, and that begs the question… Are you the next Linsey Dawn McKenzie?”
To learn more about the powerful Webstream platform and the simple ways you can start your own site or easily add it to your existing paysite with just a few clicks, visit today!