Our sex lives are not always as we imagine them to be, so we often need something to spice things up a little bit in the bedroom. You can do it alone or with your partner, but you should know that sex toys represent the easiest way to get to your biggest fantasies.
There are people who have never used a sex toy, others have tried them at least once, but there are many who are making art out of using sex toys.
Denmark comes 1st when it comes to buying a sex toy. In average, from 1000 searches on the internet, people from Denmark have searched 118 times for sex toys. Way to go!
Another country from the Northern Europe is on top. Sweden comes 2nd! Maybe the wellbeing of the people from this part of the world is “guilty”! Out of 1000 searches, 115 were related to sex toys. It’s a sign that the Nordic really have a passion for stimulating intimacy.
The 3rd position is reserved for the people of Greenland, who are fighting the cold with the “warmth” that sex toys are bringing in their bedrooms. It sounds very…hot!
The US is ranked 4th. Americans have reached an average of 105 searches for sex toys from 1000 searches on Google.
The 5th place is for the people from Great Britain. From 1,000 users searching on the internet, in average 96 of them are looking for sex toys. It’s either too much, or too little, so the English people can be considered among the experts in terms of bedroom eroticism.