Can you tell us a bit about how and when you got into this domain?
I got into this industry through my mentor Juan Bustos. Juan is one of the founders of the webcam industry in Colombia. He began advising models about 10 years ago, many of these models have gone on to become some of the top models not only on the sites they work with but also in the industry.
Juan then established a blog for webcam models to share his knowledge of the industry. This blog is called and is a platform where all kind of information about the webcam industry is shared, The blog answer questions such as “Which camera should buy a model to start broadcasting?” “Which site to select to work?” and even “What is happening with the webcam industry internationally?”. This platform was created in order to help the group of top models working with Juan Bustos, it is now also the tool for the most Latin webcam models, many international models and also studios.
Have you ever faced different treatment from people in the industry, because of your gender or because you work as a live cam model?
Never, I think if there is an industry that received so warmly to people is this one, from day one all gave me a very friendly welcome, both men and women, it is very gratifying that everyone knows you, everyone wants to help you, and recognize your accomplishments.
I do not work as webcam model at this moment. I am business development manager for, but I don´t think that I could be judged if I was, precisely because this industry is so accepting and include everyone regardless of what they do.
I met my best friends for life in adult industry and I have so much to thank to this industry.
What are the biggest challenges you are facing in your job?
The fact of working internationally, being able to face each day with such successful people, who have been a lifetime in the industry, that challenges me to do my best to not be left behind, to help my company grow more and make it recognized not only in Latin America but worldwide.
Language is another big challenge, coming from a country where an 80% of people speaks only one language (Spanish), having to leave my comfort zone and learn other languages to interact and achieve our goals as a company.
Did the adult business change you over the years? If so, how?
Sure, It changed me but all positive aspects. It taught me to accept more differences, to investigate all that is unknown before to judge anything. And taught me to be myself, without making it up to please anyone, and without fear of not being accepted by thinking differently.
What is the best piece of advice you could give to the new generation of performers?
To build a brand, you as performers are already a business, make your name a brand, work to make it grow, and build an empire around it. It is important to be new technologies friendly and to use them to innovate and create new products in this industry of the virtuality that grows with technological advances.
Which achievement of yours in the live cam business makes you the proudest so far, and what would be the next one?
To be an ambassador for a brand like and have the possibility to represent part of the Latin American webcam industry, that’s already a big achievement. That other companies want to know who I am, and ask me to share my experience with them is very rewarding.
For the future to make the brand one of the major figures in all regarding live cams.
Finally, we are curious how a regular work day of yours looks like?
The best part of my job is that every day is different, I am very lucky to have my office at home, so I start working early in the morning to get my emails and planning done by midday. In the afternoon I try to go to the office because it is easier to help others while being there, so I basically help finding solutions for possible inconveniences that our models have with the sites they work. I attend some meetings if I need to, and then I go back home to work in the international part which is branding, planning and organizing our duties for shows. I am normally out of the country almost every month attending the events and working in other projects that the company has, so when I am at home I finish work before midnight every day, I am a workaholic but I love and enjoy what I do.