As most of you know, we differentiate two main types of cam sites, namely freemium and premium ones. Freemium sites are based on tipping, where models set goals, can give erotic shows in public chat. On premium sites on the other hand, any hardcore content is only accessible once the visitor has paid. In this short article we will not go into too deep details about mechanics, rather we focus on the perspective of cam models, what kind of personality and approach the two different types of sites require.
Let’s start with the presumption that in Eastern Europe, premium cam sites are favoured. And while there is probably a more complex reason system behind this, one of the main reasons of this is simply cultural. Even if we are talking about cam models, Eastern European girls are more conservative thinking when it comes to exposing themselves online. The mere feeling that any erotic content is only available for paying customers is somewhat reassuring regarding their privacy. Even if video chat is very common in Romania for example, it is still kind of a social taboo and it is a hushed thing, so this site structure gives a better feeling of safety for them. Also let’s face it as reality, some competing studios or models have the habit of visiting and harassing each other’s models. We do not like to talk about this, but this is a fact that we all know. But again, no matter how many haters fill up a girl’s room, any compromising material is only visible in privacy.
While working on a premium cam site, one of your main assets is your charm, your way of flirting and convincing members to leave the free chat and join you in private. It is often a tough work, as obviously members want to spend as little as possible. Per minute prices are quite high and not every member accepts the fact, that this is a premium service, something that should have value as it is a very intimate thing.
It can be very tiring, sitting there 6-10 hours, balancing between being kinky and being persuasive, but even to go just into one direction. As a general rule however, in most cases it can be said, that the way how you behave in free chat, will greatly determine what kind of members you will get in your room. Premium cam sites have this amazing diversity, where you can make money with only chatting, smiling, or simply focusing on being blazing hot, making guys drool for you. But either way, different attitude will attract different kind of audience. If you sit in free chat in nothing else but a thong and tank top, most cases you cannot expect members to want to have a meaningful conversation.
In a nutshell, on premium sites you have higher chances of building up deeper relationships with visitors if you have the social skills. This can bring great regular members, but you have to be focused and involved to keep them.
Hardcore erotic content can also make members for life, but here as well, you have to be able to reinvent yourself again and again, introducing new games, new kinks, outfits, toys, and so on. When members have the opportunity to visit dozens of girls for shows, they will not stick to the same one, to watch the same show again and again.
And this is where we get to the freemium sites. Making a lot of money is hard work on both type of sites, but on each, it is difficult in different ways. On freemium sites, you have to be extremely active and creative all the time. You have to be able to invent new goals, feel what members want to see, see when the tipping slows down, but at the same time, keeping them interested in spending tokens on you.
So while some might think that on an adult site you simply need to lay back and do shows for hours, in reality, you have to be on the alert constantly, keeping up people’s attention.
Which one is more difficult or more for you, of course you decide. But again, consider that your attitude or level of kinkiness will greatly affect, what kind of costumers will you encounter. Most of the freemium sites also have possibilities of private shows, and because of high traffic, some girls try them in hope of privates. But of course as a “conservative” girl, it is extremely hard to compete for attention, when everyone else is revealing much more than you do. If you work on premium sites, you definitely know the “show feet, show ass, show boobs” type of guy. Now imagine how this is when you could actually show, simply you do not want.
Finally, a concept that several studios try but we have mixed thoughts on it, is running both kinds of sites at the same time. Namely, when a model is on private on a premium site, she still keeps the freemium one running, in hope of some extra tokens. While the practice does sound logical, just giving a show on a freemium site is not the same as actually being involved in it. Again, do not underestimate the complexity of freemium entertainment. Furthermore, members are not stupid. Many of them will soon find out, that what they are paying for several bucks a minute, other 200 guys are watching for free. Probably no need to tell, he won’t be happy about it.
In summary, both site types hold great opportunities, you can find hug earning models on both. It is only a question of the mindset, the type of entertainer you are, and also on what kind of members you feel comfortable with. What matters the most is that you have as much fun as you can while making money.