Capitalizing on the gaming chair craze, the world’s biggest adult gaming platform, Nutaku, unveils their very own adult gaming chair, set out to amplify the immersive gaming experience of 18+ players. The platform underwent several prototypes outlined in their lab video before finally landing on an optimal model. Delivering a combination of comfort and aesthetics; Nutaku’s state-of-the-art chair allows players to take a load off while playing their favorite adult titles with style and relaxation in mind.
“Nutaku’s ergonomic Gaming Chair aims to respond to the demand for gaming accessories, a market that has recorded a whopping 33% increase in sales over the last year. Not to mention, our Nutaku Labs is currently working on perfecting a gender-inclusive pleasure attachment in aims to heighten players’ self-indulgence, as teased in our outrageous launch video. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this launch.. but mostly blood. And a lot of ejaculation.” – Julie Hall, Communications Manager, Nutaku
Mirroring the Nutaku colors, the gaming chair includes an adjustable back and a comfortable neck pillow to achieve optimal posture for both gaming and masturbation. With features such as tilt capabilities, the striking design provides lateral support and weight distribution, permitting gamers to comfortably settle into any position they please to heighten their lewd gaming experience. Furthermore, the full recline feature responds to the skepticism towards masturbation in a seated position, ensuring longer periods of uninterrupted gameplay and magnified satisfaction.
Fans can check out the gaming chair from the Nutaku Merch Store, available now for$434.99USD. Players can also expect the pleasure attachment early next year and delve into the best of both adult gaming and self-indulgence, all within arm’s reach.