Thank you for accepting to talk with us! Please tell us about your beginnings in the adult industry and how you`ve decided to become a cam model.
Thank you as well for this opportunity! Since forever I have been attracted by burlesque divas! There was something in them that I just loved and I could only imagine how do they feel being in the spot lights, putting up their shows in those perfect looking costumes, high-heels, corsets, nylons, showing up their curves and putting everyone nearby in a trance. From here I think it all started for me. Because being a dancer, a ballerina didn’t fit me and I was looking for a way to get in this world. And what another way than doing it from my own bedroom? It looked like it was quite simple at the beginning. All that I needed was a pc, a webcam, some lights and some outfits, nylons and few pair of high-heels. So I was pretty sure it’s going to be easy because I had all of them already. Well, I was far away from the truth! The beginning was very difficult and there were so many times when I wanted to quit. My luck was that I am a determined person, and I was just looking around, seeing other girls performing and being successful was my motivation. I did try to do what I saw other models doing! But I didn’t have success. So I wanted to quit again. I had another job at that point so I was online just few hours daily. Then I just decided to try to be myself online. And from here my story started. Once I did find my way, my career started to grow. Faster than I thought it could happen. I decided to quit my other job and dedicate myself all to this. And I didn’t regret it. And I don’t regret it now either. There are less than 3 years since I am a cam girl, but the way this activity helped me develop myself, understand the world and myself at the same time makes me feel like I am doing it for a lifetime already!
Lately, we discovered that the fetish requests have faced a massive growth and we were wondering which would be the reasons for these demands?
I think this is hard to answer this question. As far as I’ve noticed, like in any other domain, there are trends and people are attracted to try the newest thing in the market. The history of fetish is very old, but for a long time, it was a taboo subject. People were scared to be seen like freaks so they were either practicing it, but being quiet about their sexual preferences, either hide their desires. Well, the expansion of the internet and the fact that being behind a screen is keeping you safe and sets you free was one step forward for the fetish scene to become a trend. Porn movies, social media, live cam industry, tv shows and all the other channels are an attractive and simple way to popularize it.
If this is a good or a bad thing it is hard to say. Because when a trend is created there are many ones joining that, even if they don’t have too many things in common with the subject. And here I am talking about both models and consumers, both categories being disadvantaged by the popularity that this domain is the popularity that this domain is earning so fast. Usually, I don’t go with the trend exactly because of this reason. But, looking at the good side of the things, I enjoy a lot that people are now feeling more comfortable to enjoy this kind of sexual fun and for sure the diversity can only help.
Would you like to give us some insights about how should a fetish model prepare to act like a pro online?
My only point about this is doing it if you feel like that! Be yourself, enjoy and always remember that even if it is not something that looks like a business, well….it is. I did treat it like my little baby, invested all my energy, my time, reinvested the money that I did earn in it and just make it bigger and bigger. Being a fetish model is expensive so this is something you need to be prepared for. You cannot pretend to be a fetish model and stay dressed in a bra and panties, like girls next door. Because fetish is about leather, latex, boots and high-heel shoes, nylon and so many other costumes and outfits. In my opinion, a fetish is about everything else but not regular sex. And as a painter cannot do his art without professional brushes and colors, either a fetish model can’t do it without the accessories.
And the second thing, but not the last is the attitude, the talent. You are made for it or not. I don’t think that you can learn it. You can improve, you can develop, but the seed must be inside you and you can only know if it is there or not by trying.
One more thing that popped up in my mind is the documentation. During these years and more than 7.000 unique members, I can say that I never met two guys with the same fetishes. Fetishes are mixing, the limits are different for each one of us, the desires are different and for a model that has no experience it can be very slippery. This happens because you need to understand from where the desire of the member comes from, why is he asking for a certain type of kink, what is the way this is arousing him so you can push all his buttons. Because on fetish side you work more with the brain of the guy then with his genitals. Many times in fetish is not so much about what you do, but more about what you say and how you say it. So read about, watch porn movies, talk with people that are in the domain for a longer time and practice.
You won the Fetish Model of the Year awards at the AW Awards Gala 2017. In your view, what`s the most important aspect that a model should be aware and focused on earning big time?
Be professional. Treat your customers with respect, make yourself unforgettable, brand yourself and the money will come. Be focused on developing your skills, your personality and then the earnings will come. And don’t forget that most of the times what looks like being an overnight success is, in fact, a few years work time!
When you are not online how do you like to spend your free time?
Working during night times is consuming a lot of my energy so my free time is a very short time. But sadly, I cannot get in touch with my “dirty mood” when there is light outside 😊
What I do like to do…. I am not sure that I am able to resume my answer to few things because I am that type of person that never says never to something without trying. And so I did learn that I like to do so many things… traveling is my drug, reading, riding, walking my 4 German shepherds, swimming, driving and listening music, racing cars, watching movies, enjoying a drink and a good meal and spending my slaves’ money are few of my “turns on” when it comes to spending my free time.