We would like to thank you for accepting to talk with us! Would you like to introduce yourself and your position at Verotel? For those who don`t know yet, what exactly does Verotel?
First of all, it’s an honor for me to do this interview with you guys. We have been going to your events now for a couple of years in a row, and you have been doing a great job so far!
Verotel is a fully licensed internet payment service provider (IPSP) that has been helping thousands of high-risk webmasters with building their online businesses since 1998. We currently have offices in 3 different countries and I’m lucky enough to be located at our head office in Amsterdam.
Would you like to tell us what are your responsibilities on a daily basis at Verotel?
Most of the time this would be visiting or communicating with our clients about the services or packages we could offer them that grow their business. Verotel offers a wide range of products and every business or region would require different needs. Obviously, our merchants don’t want to be occupied with those questions and want focus on what they do best and like the most. So I try to have at least Monthly contact with all of our customers to analyze the current process and see where we could improve this.
At AW Awards Gala 2017, Verotel took home the award for Best Billing Company. What makes your company stand out comparing with your competitors?
We are really happy that we took home our very first AW award ever!! There are so many different billing companies out there but I believe that one of Verotel’s strongest points is that they are in the business since 1998, so it grew into a very trustworthy and recognizable brand in over almost 2 decades.
What are the main funding sources of Verotel?
These would be high-risk merchants that are mainly active the online adult industry. So this could everything from cams to dating or from VOD till solo sites.
From your perspective how important is to participate in summits like AWSummit, and why?
That`s something obvious! Especially in the financial services industry, it all goes about trust and building relationships. Would you trust your money to a bank you’ve never been to or met?  So next to visiting our customers it’s super important to have a presence at these events. Especially the AW summit that has been growing over the last few years, both in terms of quality as well as in quantity.
Are there any new features that we should expect from Verotel in the near future?
Earlier this year we managed to offer a special package in cooperation with ElevatedX that is especially interesting for cam models that are considering a solo site.  For the 2nd half year and especially 2018 we are really excited about the PSD2 (new financial regulations) that will come out and will offer us the possibility to launch a wide variety of new solutions.