We would like to thank you for accepting the interview with us, and allow us to congratulate you for the achievement! We were wondering how your journey started in this field?
Thank you so much for the award. It was unexpected. 2017 was the first one I attended the AW Summit and when I heard “Eva Devine” on stage I was really surprised. I’m grateful.
I used to be a kinder garden teacher. Everyone knows how the school system is in Romania and how the paychecks are..so I decided to try the camming life. Actually, I was supposed to go to another studio, not Studio 20, but I mixed up the address and I got to an interview for Studio 20. They do say that everything happens for a reason. I’ve been working for about 2 years now. It’s a trip, I’ll tell you that. There’s never a dull day in the life of a cam model.
What challenges have you faced in your job so far?
I would say the trolls are my biggest challenge. There are days when I don’t really care because I have such a good state of mind that nothing gets to me. But then there are those days when anything that someone says can make me burst into tears. But hey, that’s life, ups and downs.
I’ve always thought that every day is a lesson. And I have to learn from it. I have to improve myself and trust myself more so that the trolls won’t get to me.
During the AW Awards Gala in 2017, you won the Best Solo Website. In your opinion what are the elements that a model should focus on to reach your success?
Social media is really important nowadays. And for a year I didn’t give it too much importance. I thought that just doing my job would be enough and that I don’t need social media presence to make it in the industry. Well, that’s far from the truth.
Winning the Best Solo Website Award at the AW Awards Gala was a really big step for me. I understood right there, on that stage, that all the time that I invest in creating the content for the website (because the marketing team from Studio 20 takes care of the website, I just supply the content) is worth it. You have to give your time to it. That’s one key element.
If you don’t put in the hours, the energy, you’ll never get to know how success feels.
From your point of view as cam performer how important would be to attend summits such as AWSummit?
Oh, it’s very important.  As I said, it was the first year for me and it was really incredible. From the ride with the #girlsfromstudio20 bus to Mamaia, to attending seminars and parties, as a cam model, you get to understand and see what a community looks like.  When you’re on cam, even if you have all the support from the trainers, you still feel alone sometimes.
Attending AW Summit for me was a chance to talk freely about my job, to be appreciated for it.
I met the LiveJasmin crew, I got to meet a lot of models and people that are part of this industry and it was truly a great experience for me.
How a regular work day of yours looks like?
I get up pretty early in the day because I love to start my day as soon as I can. I come to the studio, log in, have a few laughs, cuss one or two times, have my favorite members come in my room, laugh more. That’s about it. After work, I go to the gym. I’m a gym rat, I love to workout.
What are the awards you are targeting to take home next year? What will be your strategy to reach the wishes?
Oh boy.. I have to recover from the “And the winner for the best personal website is Eva Devine” thing and after I can think about new awards.
I’m hoping the “Best Entertainer” award because I love to have fun in my chat room, dance and engage with my members and guests.
When you are not a work, what do you like to do with your spare time?
Hey, I’m Eva Devine and my hobbies are long walks on the beach and traveling LOL. I love going to the gym, I like reading, I love wine so there’s never one night without a glass of red wine..hmm.. what else? I do enjoy traveling and seeing new places, I recently returned from Portugal where I actually danced on tables LOL.