DeviousAngell is one of the best known live cam performer today. Her charming smile, pleasant attitude makes her a jewel online and in person as well. We had the pleasure to celebrate her on this year’s AW Awards gala, as the Best Entertainer, based on fan votes. Now we wanted to ask her about her insight on the industry and her personal success.
Thank you for accepting our interview and let us congratulate again for your prize on the AWAwards. We saw on social media and different cam sites, that models did a great deal of lobby to get their fans to vote. You are one of the three models with the most loyal fan base apparently. What do you think, what helped you in reaching this kind of bond with the members?
First of all, congratulations for the AW Awards, Amazing show! Regarding your question, I think that being who you are and not pretending to be someone else on cam helped creating a bond with my members. We keep in touch all the time, even when I am not online. They need attention so I’m trying to help. But I am myself: when i was sad I looked sad on cam, when I was happy I looked happy, when I was nervous I looked nervous and they leaved me for this, as it’s normal not to be horny all the time :)).
They check social media because they try to see who and how you are outside your glam look that is on cam, so social media always gonna be an important part in this industry.
Now tell us a bit about yourself?
Besides being a hard working woman, what defines you, what makes you the person you are?OH! I am a hard working woman … it’s not easy to wake up every morning at 5 am and to go to bed at 9-10 for years … you lose all the night fun :))) I have lots of qualities and also lots of weaknesses: I am organised, very very sociable, honest – I say what I truly believe, no matter you are Obama or Madonna, I like to help people and listen them, I looooooveeee dogs 🙂 OK, enough with the good parts let’s go to my weaknesses : I trust to much in people. I think that if I am good everyone it’s good, I don’t have patience and sometimes I tend not to trust myself enough that I can make it, that I can succeed as much as everyone expects to. Funny thing, then ones I thought are my friends took advantage of me while the ones I thought are just my colleagues really helped me and showed me friendship and respect.This job made me the woman I am today: Studio 20 – my second family, my members, my fans, my haters, they all made me the smart, strong woman who I am today !
What do you find the best thing about camming in general? Why someone should start doing it?
Because you get the chance to learn what men want and how they think :))
Because you learn lots about life, about countries, people, sport, politics, economy and also about yourself and your body 🙂 Because you need to be proud and love yourself the way you really are, the way you look and feel. Maybe you have a complex and seeing that lots of people admire you exactly how you are gives needed confidence.
What plans you have for the future? You wish to stay in the industry or you would like to try your wings in different areas as well later on?
GOOD question! I want to stay in the live cam industry for the next 50 years as an studio owner! 🙂 Me and my colleague Raquelle Diva are planning to open Studio 20 franchise next year. I hope we’ll do such a good job with my studio as my studio did with us. And, most important, I want to show all girls in this industry that a cam model can be an entrepreneur, a manager, a leader, that live cam has a future for all of us!
In your opinion what are the attributes that a cam girl must have in order to reach the top level of camming?
Being Patient! Sociable! Clever! Fair! And, of course, DETERMINATION!
If you would have to compare the Devious Angell who started camming, with the one who won the award, what would be the main differences pro and con?
I have only pros: I used to be shy, I used to let others control the way I feel and think, I used to care too much what others think of me, I used to be dependent … now all these the gone … because you dont lose anything if you have courage, you do not need to control what you think and feel and that you can’t make everyone likes and you should not try, because you don’t need everyone in your life 🙂 You need to spend your time with people that support you, that teach you things, that encourage you to be a better person.
Finally we would like to know that for you as a performer, why is it important to visit events, such as the AWSummit?
I adore summits and I adore AWSummit because is in Romania, because you guys are a great team, positive and helpful. Attending this kind of events it’s very important for all models and studios , for any company and individual that activates in this industry because you learn what others do, create or innovate .Exchanging experience , meeting new people, spend your time with people that teach you something. See you all at AW Summit 2017!