Harriet Sugarcookie, the founder of Sugarcookie.com, recently published on youtube a video investigating world’s most popular porn stars’ opinions about male circumcision: “I decided to ask pornstars about circumcision as they definitely experimented with both and because sample size is important when doing science!”.
Many respondents said that they prefer circumcised penises, because they think they are cleaner and look more attractive. On the other hand, some of them said they prefer uncircumcised penises, because they are more comfortable for anal sex and they are more interesting to play with.
“There’s always a huge debate when I mention circumcision and many guys get super defensive and insecure. I wanted to show that it really isn’t something girls think about or care about so guys can be more confident with their manhood regardless of whether they’re cut or uncut. This shows that there is a difference between the two, even if it’s only a perception as being uncircumcised doesn’t mean you have a dirty manhood. And just because you’re circumcised it doesn’t mean anal sex will be painful”, said Sugarcookie. But, besides those preferences, none of the pornstars asked by Sugarcookie would not choose a partner taking into account whether that guy is circumcised or not. Muslim and Jewish men are traditionally circumcised soon after birth, for instance. Other men just choose to do so when they are able to decide for themselves.
Sugarcookie had a final conclusion: “What this shows is that girls really don’t think about this as much as guys do. Sure there are some extremely minor pros and cons to both circumcised and uncut penises. The big lesson here is don’t be insecure about you penis. Girls don’t care. But you must make sure you keep him very clean. The porn stars we asked care a lot more about hygiene than whether you lopped off your foreskin or not.”
Pornstar Molly Stewart pointed out that it’s just skin and “They all look the same when they’re hard!”. That is something to remember!