We would like to thank you for accepting the interview with us! Please tell us when you decided to become a model and why? How did your journey in the adult industry start?
When I was 19 years old and looking for a summer job before university, I saw an online add about a job. Not really many details about the job, but I went for a meeting with those people and it turned out to be video chat. They haven’t told me that I will be naked, all I was told was that I will be sitting here in my underwear and talk to people. So it was a customer who 1st told me and explained to me what is this job was about. But yes in 2004 studios worked in a very different way than they do nowadays. That was my start in the adult industry, later on, I started a popular blog site and received model gigs in the USA which helped me get my face into magazines and build a bigger online fan base as well.
From your point of view where do you think the adult industry is heading to? How do you think it will look like in 5 years from now, especially your category?
I can see webcam modeling part of the industry getting bigger and bigger every year. As well I noticed more professionalism in its last years as well. I see this is the direction of cam modeling related industry is heading to. More professional and be more mainstream in next few years.
For the 2nd year consecutively, you won the Cam Boy of the year award at AW Awards. What are the key elements to become successful? What is your story of success?
I have been a cam model past 13 years. Grew my career alongside with the industry and flirt4free company growing into most successful male webcam modeling platform. All those years working not only behind the camera but as well a blogger, fitness model and later on focused on social media promotion. It helped me become the best male model on Flirt4Free all time and built a strong fan base there as well as on social media. All those efforts allowed me to establish my position in male part of this industry. Later on followed with an exclusive contract and become a brand ambassador for Flirt4free.
In your opinion how important are the marketing strategies to promote yourself?
Branding and marketing are the keys!! Every model who is aiming for a career in webcam modeling and wanna bring income and presence to next level has to promote himself-herself. It is a must in the modern world of webcam modeling. Not just depending on site traffic, but the ability to bring new customers is the key to grow your income and success as well as build loyal customer base.
What advice would you give for the next generation of models?
Decide if you wanna go for this job as a career and if yes, learn and improve yourself in all fields, language, marketing, let the trainers in studios help you ( we didn’t have that luxury years ago). Don’t be just a pretty face and body behind the camera, but treat this job as a career, take care of your looks, learn strategies, study how you can be better, motivate yourself, learn from trainers and experienced models. Invest in yourself to become a product everyone wants and you will be a star.