We breathe to live and we breathe to have better orgasms. Does this sound surprising? It shouldn’t because it’s a fact and it is proved that a controlled breathing leads to more intense sensations in bedroom. The way you breathe is easy recognized when you are aroused and easy to handle, all this for a better sex life.
Specialists say that a correct breathing during sex improves blood circulation increasing pleasure feelings. At the same time, breathing exercises in two, promise to revive your relationship.
Thesexed.com offer a complete guide to a good sex breathing. To enjoy the benefits you need to learn to breathe correctly during sex. When you are very horny you tend to breathe superficial, jerky and irregular, all this accompanied by moans of varying intensity. In addition, if you breathe in frenzy when getting to orgasm, you tend to hold your breathing. This can strain your muscles while your entire body becomes tense. First of all you have to consciously slow down your breathing during sex, while you get more and more horny, breathing in deeply and breathing out slowly. This way you will gain more and more pleasure and in the and, the orgasm will be way more intense.
As we said above, it is great to make breathe exercises in two. Breathing in tandem with your lover, intensifies the emotional bond between you two and increases the chance of triggering a dual orgasm. The exercise is simple and the result is huge. You just have to inhale, while your lover exhales. It’s important that you have eye contact for a better synchronization…when the sync is perfect , while you inhale imagine how you actually inspire your lover’s sexual energy and send it right in your hot area. When you exhale imagine that you are taking out your sexual energy and you sent it to your partner, who will imagine the same path. In this way, your intimate areas are connected in a tantric and very profound way.