Professionals from the most varied domains start getting an increasingly better understanding of the unlimited potential that quadcopters comprise and keep inventing new creative ways of their use.
Recently – an adult site providing online webcam performances – came up with an innovative idea to shoot a live erotic show via drone.
Lately live-streaming gained significant popularity: in the world where everyone is constantly rushing, people prefer the role of direct participants instead of watching the outdated recordings. Unlike conventional shooting equipment, drones can offer a much wider range of opportunities.
Just imagine that instead of the traditional broadcast within four walls, you see a swimming pool. Camera slowly glides over the azure water surface and focuses on a strikingly hot beauty. Tiny bikini seductively hugs her ideal body, whereas her slender legs gracefully tread on the tiles. And all that is online! Here and now, you can enjoy the spiciest perspectives and feel yourself in the very heart of the action!
However, enough with the fantasies – the future is closer than it seems! Already this Friday, May 17, from 19:00 to 19:40 (GMT+3), will present you the world’s first live erotic show via drone. Visit to feast your eyes on gorgeous Tamara Wilson‘s beauty and be among the first to see webcam model’s live stream shot from the air!