The original Romanian Conference returns for the fourth time, to Mamaia, Romania between 6th and 9th of June. AWSummit already has a huge reputation in the Adult Industry, being ranked as one of the largest Conference in the world! Even though the last year’s edition of the show was an absolute success, gathering  641 real participants, this year, the entire team expects more than 800 real attendees.
The AWSummit team is thrilled to publish the full schedule of the show, featuring an agenda with a large multitude of educative and innovative seminars and workshop. All the attendees will have the opportunity to grasp the freshest and most interesting insights dealing with real hot subjects such as legal issues, live cam studio management, effective marketing strategies, technology breakthroughs, billing and payment services, or model development techniques. The proposed schedule contains such a rich gamma of seminaries and workshops, with the purpose of highlighting once again the main goals of this convention, which are education and creating unlimited business opportunities. The organizing team places a special focus on bringing together a large pool of specialists who are characterized by vast knowledge on their line of business, and who can easily fill in any knowledge gaps and can present new opportunities for the entire audience.
The event addresses to all parties involved in the Adult and Camming Industry, from top-notch experts to newbies. The event excels in creating one of the most efficient business environments by bringing together all the Adult Industry elite members and putting them in contact with several new parties involved in this industry.  AWSummit is one of the fewest events in the World which serves as a bridge between so many different cam biz stakeholders, and at the same time helps models and studios to enhance themselves through its educational nature and perspective.
Every detail is perfectly chosen to turn a simple participation to the event into one unforgettable experience. Everyone who watches AWSummit’s media content will notice plenty of happy faces or many people partying, which is nothing but the natural simple effect of spending three days in a real business environment which provides a large diversity of useful information. The guests who attended all the events so far can surely testify that AWSummit has improved with every single edition and managed to impress its participants. The entire team works hard to raise the standards regarding the lessons and business environment provided.
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