It’s said that it’s very difficult to find your ideal partner and that’s why many men prefer to stay single. Going further, a perfect match in the bedroom is also hard to find because usually, tastes are different. Well, gentlemen, from now on it may not be so bad to come to a lovely home. We have great news for the ones who are in love with playing… 
After several years of developing and testing, Mystim has released Opus E, a high-tech masturbator. You can use it in manual mode, but you can also let it do all the word, in automatic mode, through the electric stimulation option.
Because men are so pretentious and they have different sexual pleasures, the German producers have thought of everything. “Opus E” is made in three versions, and you can choose the one that suits you the most. Thus, we have the masturbator that imitates the sensation of vaginal penetration, then we have the option for those who are in love with anal sex, and the third option imitates a normal hand job.
”I am very excited about the release of our Opus E masturbator. There is nothing else like it on the market. Having a full-sized striker which supplies complete e-stim conductivity within the entire unit is a first and I believe this is what Mystim fans have been waiting for. With its sleek stylish looks and combined with our Cluster Buster wireless, digital power unit it will be an easy sale for retailers”, says Lulu Schwartzer, a developer at Mystim.
During masturbation, each person can control their degree of electrostimulation, depending on the moment of excitement. As a tip, as you are getting to orgasm, try to increase the velocity so that the inside of the masturbator can imitate exactly the vagina of your dreams of. In the end, you might fall in love with the newly released “Opus E”.
“Our Opus E looks back on a development period of several years. We did not want to be satisfied with the compromise on the material composition of the sleeve, but also the handling of the electrostimulation, so we developed and rejected several concepts. Now we are 100 percent satisfied and very proud to present our three new toys to our customers”, says Managing Director Jessica Hofmann.
Do not worry about hygiene. “Opus E” can be cleaned quickly with a towel or a damp cloth and a disinfectant spray. This way you’ll have everything ready to play again whenever you feel like.