A day in the life of a cam model is not much different than a day in the life of any other girl, with some added bonuses. We’re human, of course, and so our daily routine is not something out of the ordinary or anything. We each have our small rituals, our little routines that make our day start off well, and I’m no exception to that rule.
Recently, I changed my shift and I now have the entire morning to myself, before I go to work, which feels wonderful. I feel like I can do all the thing I want to do, and I go to work happy, knowing that I can focus solely on that after I took care of everything.
My day starts, of course, with me waking up in my bed. I usually set an alarm earlier than I have to wake up, so I can lounge a bit, basking in any sunlight, if there is any, stretching, enjoying the feeling of the blanket on my bare skin (yes, I do sleep naked, my flat is comfortably warm and I love the feel of the sheets on my skin). I don’t stay for very long though, after all, I have plenty of things to get done for the day.
No morning would be a proper one without coffee. I tend to take my time with that as well because I believe that proper coffee is something irreplaceable, and definitely worth a bit of effort. I take that in my beautiful, sunlit kitchen, walking around in cute lingerie and a silk dressing gown, indulging a bit in the pleasure of the peaceful moments, slowly savoring it while I think about what I’m going to do next.
After I’m done with that and breakfast, I will start preparing to go out. If it’s a workday, I will do a very simple make-up, as I will put most of it before my shift, so I can start off fresh on camera. I don’t go too much over the top, as I don’t enjoy it. The only times I wear very glam makeup is if I have a photoshoot or a video-shoot, and, for that, we have a makeup artist at the studio.
The next step in my routine is to start getting dressed, in order to take my adorable dog for a walk. I love Daisy very, very much and, as any dog owner knows, dogs need a lot of play time and exercise. I usually choose my clothes a night before, so I don’t have to waste time in the morning. I look up the weather on my phone, so I know the proper clothes to wear.
I usually arrive at the studio about an hour or an hour and a half before I have to log in because I don’t want to be in a rush. I have a special routine before logging in, perfect for my state of mind. I do my make-up, paying close attention to it. I am very picky, and like everything to be perfect.
After that, I go to my room and pull my playlist up. I choose my outfits for the day before I go online, and, for that, I like listening to something sexy, dancing around, my hands on my body, not doing much, just lightly teasing myself so I can properly get in a good headspace. I can’t instantly switch from a normal, everyday mood to completely erotic on cam, which is why I ease into it. My work starts before I even log in. I do a bit of a strip-show for myself, before changing into whatever I want to first wear because I like getting completely comfortable in it. I pose in front of my mirror, twisting and turning, so I know what I look like in it, in all positions. It can either be lingerie, a body, a dress, lace, leather, or even simple jeans, a bra and heels. I have plenty to choose from, and I take advantage of it. My outfits are both accessories and second skins, enhancing all I wish to enhance, and enabling me to show off and, for that, I like learning exactly how each makes me look, from all angles.
After that, it’s time to log in and start properly working. I try to be both seductive, and fun. I make jokes, and keep the chatroom active and dynamic. Of course, like with anywhere on the internet, there are plenty of trolls. They might annoy me occasionally, but, generally, I try not to let them get to me. I either ignore them or answer in the same manner, making fun of them and being sarcastic. My members also chime in and help me so that the room and chat aren’t taken over or ruined.
If it’s a day off, and I have nothing specific to do, I like focusing on myself. Sometimes, I will focus on my creative side, sewing some things, drawing, making new designs. I will also play with Daisy, and spend some quality time with her. All in all, a quiet day.
Once the evening comes, I might sometimes prepare to go out with friends, either clubbing or just for a coffee or dinner. I enjoy going out every once in a while, feeling good, and forgetting about all my troubles. Just relaxing, and enjoying the moment.
As you can see, I’m not much different than any of you. A day in my life isn’t really spectacular, or unusual. I do enjoy my life, and I wanted to share this little part of me with you, in order for everyone to get to know me just a bit better.
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