Intimacy survey reveals the most hidden fantasies people have
We live in the technology era which changed a lot the way we communicate, we travel, we eat, all in all, the way we live. While many things changed and are now easy to talk about, others remain taboo. It often happens that a person’s most hidden desires stay unrevealed for a lifetime.
A non-latex condom brand, Skyn, hired a company with expertise in research to ask people from 18 to 38 years old about habits they have in the bedroom. There were 2000 participants – 1000 in a first category (18-22 years old – Gen Z) and 1000 in the second category (23-38 years old – the Millennials)
The fantasy the most people have is a threesome. It appears that over 60% of the respondents fantasize with this. This percentage is made of 32% that say they would like to try it, but they’ve have had a 31% that say they wanted a threesome and they had it.
The next question on the survey will last forever. Does size matter? Options and opinions will always be divided and at this survey, 65% answered that penis size is important.
Surprisingly or not, the sex position most people like is doggy style, 57%. With 46% percent, missionary position comes in second place.
There were some interesting facts revealed. Apparently, 88% of the blonde respondents said they need to get in the mood before actually having sex, while 46% of the black-haired people have multi-orgasms sex encounters.
In addition, 37% of the respondents filmed themselves while having sex at least once, 25% say they used handcuffs, 44% used dildos and 27% used vibrators. If you wonder what’s the average duration of a sexual encounter, the answer is 27 minutes, while the average number of sex sessions in the month is nine.