From a very young period of your life you wanted to be a model. We know that you were on the cover of different editions of Playboy Magazine from various countries like Mexico and Argentina.  Can you tell us the story about when and how did you start modeling for porn videos ?
Everything started from when I was little because my sisters and I would often played beauty queens so that’s how my interest for modeling came up. However my family is very conservative and religious, so much  that we had to take showers wearing our underwear because being naked was a sin. We had to help out at home and one day doing chores I found a porno magazine on my brother’s bed from that day on I started fantasizing about being one of the naked models who appeared in those magazines. When I was 18 years old I watched my first porno video with who today is my husband.
My husband has always supported me, and when i wanted to dabble in pornography it was hard at first since I didn’t speak the English language and that meant having less opportunities; I had to go back to Colombia and learn English and  5 months later one of my husband’s friends got in touch with me because one of the porno producers had settled in Miami, he invited me to do the casting and that’s how my first porno movie comes up.
When did you first hear about the cam industry and what was your first thoughts about it ?
During my career I heard occasionally about webcams but it never called my attention until I received an invitation to LALEXPO, the most important congress in the webcam industry in the world that takes place in Cartagena. There I met big companies like AJ Studios and also met some site representatives from Chaturbate and LiveJasmin
Starting in the webcam market comes from my entrepreneur side because I saw a growing and steady industry, and it’s also part of the industry I have been a part of my entire life.
What do you think about being a webcam performer? From your point of view which are the differences between these two branches of the adult entertaining industry?
They are two completely different experiences, even though both are adult entertainment. I think being in a webcam is way harder because I can’t do many things at once, either I do one thing correctly or I do nothing, so I think it’s super hard trying to seduce your public and having to interact through the computer, keyboard and other things, speaking english with them (because most of the people who come in don’t speak spanish) and it’s not only one person is many people looking at you and talking to you at the same time.
I wasn’t able to do that so that’s why every time I’m going to do a show I do it with someone else, so that other person does that part, even though I sometimes answer questions I think is super hard.
In video is completely different because there is a camera man and a producer that are in charge of everything i´m just fucking and I don´t worry about anything else.
 What was your reactions and thoughts after you performed as a live chat model for the first time ?
It was something totally different to what I’m used to doing, like a mention before as a webcam model you have to interact with people. For me it isn’t easy having to use a computer and seduce the public at the same time. At the beginning it was something confusing and hard because there is a lot of people writing and I wanted to do a very spontaneous show but in the webcam clients are supposed to pay for certain shows and that limited my spontaneity that’s why my first show was with Sofia Lauren a webcam model who knew a about the page and about the job as a webcam model
Which challenges did you face as an adult films actress? Have you faced any prejudices from society or from your close people regarding your activity in adult industry ? What advices would you give to models that want to make a career in this field?
At the beginning it was something hard and more so because of the language, since most of the producers are foreign. I had to knock on several doors, learn English and find innovative ideas for my castings. I have had to put up with a lot of negative and positive comments from people, regardless am not a person who is persuade by negative comments, while if there are some constructive critics I will take them and use them. We are not perfect, the people around me know what I am, for my family it was a bit hard at first but nowadays they support me and they are proud of me. My advice to be a porno actress is you have to be very spontaneous, and like any other job you have to like it for everything to fall into place being very sure about yourself and having a great attitude.
We all know that adult industry isn’t just about sex, but also is about so many other things and I`m pretty sure you have fans that are interested to know a lot about you or to  find more  details about  your  private life. What are they asking you about ? Can you share with  us one of your stories  of how your fans had  surprised you  ?
People think I only do porno movies but in a year I can do maybe two movies, I have a very normal life, I love exercising, working on my work proposals, sharing with my family and most of all I love dedicating time to myself.
In an autograph signing event I had recently promoting my studio, one of the fans brought a sign that said that he wanted to meet me and his girlfriend had allowed him to come and meet me. It was a nice gesture and that is how I realize how much people care about me.
According to XVideos you are the 1st in Latin America and number 7 in the world with more than 181 million views. Orgasmatrix named you the “Most Popular Latin Porn star in the World” the last 3 years in a row. With your experience and your knowledge in the adult biz, what are the absolute elements that a performer should focus on to become a star ?
I think the elements that a porno actress must have to be a star are dedication, spontaneity and most of all the best attitude, having a little bit of humility to be able to confront criticism and clearly to be versatile to please your followers.
Can you tell us more about Diamond Girls Studio project and what future plans do you have with it ?
Diamond Girls Studio is a new project I am getting in also in the adult entertainment business, since this is not my strong suit I am working with AJ Studios, they are the number one webcam model agency from Latin America, Diamond Girls Studios is going to be focused on high profile models, high quality and dedicated to create big stars for the adult webcam industry. Mainly I will be performing with other models in a monthly basis and advising the models who belong to my studio. My future plans are to be the best and well known in this new industry.
Any other thoughts that you would like to share with us ? For example how does an usual day goes for you ?
A normal day for me involves going to the gym, being on point with my business and managing my agenda so that I can be prepared, of course there are moments were I get to be loose and relaxed.