What good things can come out of an airline closure? At least one good thing! One of the leading adult entertainment brands, Brazzer’s made an interesting post on twitter, after WOW Air announced its closure.
The Icelandic budget air company, WOW Air announced on Thursday that it has to close. They canceled all the flights scheduled on Thursday and also the remaining ones, leaving a lot of people in a very unpleasant situation. Brazzer’s thought about something novel.
“Stranded by @wow air? Send us a pic of your boarding pass for a free membership to pass the time!” the company wrote on Twitter.
Tens of people congratulated Brazzer’s for their idea. Some of them posted their WOW Air tickets to be able to take Brazzer’s offer. So far, it’s not clear if anyone actually got that free registration on the porn website, but Brazzer’s initiative was commendable anyhow.
“How many hot women were there?” “A company about the people!” or “Very thoughtful initiative” were just a few of the messages received at the initial post.
1000 people were to fly with WOW Air on Thursday and thousands more have their plans ruined with the aircraft’s closure. The last attempt to save the aircraft was on Thursday morning, but the negotiations have failed.
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