It is said that the brain is the most important sex organ, because it’s the center of all your emotions and all your thoughts. It is also the center of some chemicals, neurotransmitters and hormones which are responsible for desire and response. But how does the brain actually work during orgasm?
According to, researchers run a special type of MRI, called Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging that can measure both neuron activity and blood flow. They observed that one of the neurotransmitters produced during an orgasm is dopamine, that is responsible for pleasure, desire and motivation. “Some refer to dopamine as a ‘pleasure’ chemical – though research has shown it offers us much more than just a good time. It’s really more of a learning chemical, helping to take notice of rewards like food and sex, and figure out how to get more of them,” clinical psychologist Daniel Sher told
Another good neurotransmitters released is oxytocin that is responsible for people being sympathetic, for one person feeling close to another. “Oxytocin is known as the bonding hormone because it’s also released during breastfeeding and is known to facilitate a sense of love and attachment,” says Sher.
You ever wondered where that high satisfaction sensation comes from after orgasm? Well, it’s ‘fault’ of another hormone produced during climax – prolactin.
Researchers say that even though the sensation you feel during orgasm is one of the strongest possible, the brain feels the same as if you are listening to your favorite music, you are enjoying some drinking with friends, you are gambling or you are eating a spectacular dinner.
If enjoy feeling pain during sex, that’s perfectly normal and here comes the explanation – it seems that the chemicals produced by the brain don’t let you feel the pain at its real intensity. In addition, the researchers explained that pain and orgasm activate the brain in the same areas – this is why for some people pain gives pleasurable sensations. There you have it – now you know why you like a hair-pulling or you like being slapped!