Accessed by over 50 million people every day, Tinder changed the way that people are matched, so if you noticed that people are differently displayed, you are completely right.
So far, Tinder has used the so-called Elo score to determine the people will be displayed to each person. The system was like this – the more people liked a certain person, the higher the score that a person had. So that particular profile was shown to other people with a similar score. Practically, people considered attractive also interact with other people in the same category. This algorithm didn’t consider any criteria, like religion, weight etc, when displaying people to a certain person.
Things had now changed and the new system is based on a new algorithm. It identifies certain patterns depending on your “likes”. For example, if person 1 likes a certain woman and person 2 likes the same woman, then person 1 and person 2 could have similar tastes. Going further, the system can show to person 1 the women that the person 2 liked and person 1 haven’t seen yet. Long story short, the new system is something like – if you like something that someone else might like the exact same thing if at some point you had similar interests.
Of course, it’s still available the online payment that increases the visibility of your profile and you can still give “likes” to a certain person.
In many rankings, Tinder is considered to be the best date App in the world. It is available in 190 countries and has more than 50 million users, of whom over 4 million are paying subscribers. There are many interesting data about Tinder like – 1,5 million dates take place from Tinder every week. Since its initial release Tinder made over 20 billion matches.10 million people open the app every single day and spend on Tinder 35 minutes on average.